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Preparation Strategy for DU PG Entrance Exam

Updated on 26 March 2021
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Updated on 26 March 2021

DU PG Entrance Exam (also known as DUET) is held every year by the Delhi University to offer admissions to students in various postgraduate programs. Many students appear for this entrance exam as Delhi University is one of the top universities with good teaching standards. The level of this exam is not so tough but one needs to follow a good preparation approach. Also, one important thing to note here is that there are two modes of admission to Delhi University i.e. Merit-Based and Entrance Based

The merit-based admission is secured for the in-house students. 50 % of total seats are made available to students who clear their graduation from Delhi University. Entrance Based Examination is for the students outside of Delhi University who wish to take admission for their PG courses here. 50% of total seats are reserved for these students. Hence, keeping in mind the admission seats available, duet preparation should be followed effectively. In this article, we will discuss the detailed preparation strategy for this exam. 

1) Know the Exam Pattern and Syllabus 

This is the major step in the preparation of the duet exam. One should know the exam pattern and the syllabus to get a better understanding of the paper. The duet syllabus is different according to the various pg courses.

 It is an online examination and the duration of the paper is for 2 hours. The paper will contain a total of 400 marks where -1 mark is deducted for each wrong answer. To know the exam syllabus according to the particular course, candidates should refer to the Delhi University’s online portal. 

2) Know the Correct Books

The knowledge of correct books are very essential when it comes to any type of exam preparation. Candidates should refer to only the standard books for their preparation. Also, it is important to check the credibility of the sources (in case of online reference books) to avoid ending up gaining the incorrect information. 

3) Prepare a Time Table 

A proper time table will help the candidates to follow their study routine daily. It is important that candidates make a time table according to their subjects and strictly follow it regularly. It also helps to keep track of the candidate’s progress daily. 


4) Study Smartly

Many candidates study the entire syllabus without knowing the weightage and importance of topics. One should study for the exam keeping in mind these things to prepare smartly for the exam. There is no shortcut to success but there are some tips and tricks which will boost the duet preparation. Candidates need to sort out the easiest, important and scoring questions. 

Also, prepare mini notes daily while studying so that it would be easier to revise at the last moment. As the syllabus is vast, candidates should preserve these handy notes to remember the important points from each topic. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each topic and give enough time to the tough topics. 

5) Solve Previous Years Question Papers 

Previous year’s question papers will give a fair understanding about the type of questions being asked in the exam. Candidates should solve these papers frequently. Note the exam trends in each year’s paper and prepare accordingly. 

6) Solve Mock Tests

Mock tests are an effective way to ensure the exam preparation is going on the right track or not. Solving mock tests frequently can inculcate a habit of completing the exam on time and also practicing better for the paper. Delhi University release mock tests on their official portal too. Candidates must check their portal and solve those tests along with other online mock tests. 


7) Revise Daily 

The last thing is to revise daily. It will help candidates to memorize what they have learned overall. Dedicate at least an hour or so daily to revision.

The DU PG Entrance Exam should be prepared thoroughly by following this strategy. Remember to start the exam preparation at least from the last semester of the graduation or when the graduation is just over. This way candidates will save a lot of time and can prepare easily. Lastly, a positive attitude and confidence will take one way ahead along with a solid preparation strategy.

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