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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts: Course Info, Eligibility, Syllabus, Job Opportunities, Colleges.

Updated on 06 August 2022
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Updated on 06 August 2022

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts: Course Info, Eligibility, Syllabus, Job Opportunities, Colleges.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts is a four-year undergraduate course that focuses on design studies through critical thinking, project development, community engagement, and collaboration of a student. This course covers all the technical and theoretical aspects of the digital arts. Candidates need to have creativity, innovation, artistic ability, organization skill, critical thinking, ability to focus and concentrate passionate, visualization skills.

The students specialize in the divergent creative course through this course which includes Design (Graphic Design, Web and Screen Design, Photography and Illustration) and Animation (Animation for web, Television broadcast and Digital Games, and Digital Video Art).


  1. Students from any field like science, commerce, or arts are eligible for this course.
  2. A student who has cleared 10+2 from recognized school and university with a minimum 50% score is eligible for this course.
  3. You need to have scored more than the minimum cut-off percentage of the college you are applying to.
  4. This minimal cut-off percentage score is completely dependent on the college or university.
  5. The eligibility criteria completely depend upon the cut off of the particular college you are opting for.

Syllabus for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts:

The course duration is for a 4-year undergraduate course including eight semesters. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts Subjects are as follow:

  1. Semester I

Sketching & Drawing- I

Elements of Design


Geometry I

Engineering Graphics

Material exploration I

  1. Semester II

Sketching & Drawing- II

Principles of design

Geometry II

Material exploration II

Visual composition

Introduction to Photography

Computer applications I

  1. Semester III

Digital Media in Social Content

Narrative Skills I

Introduction to imaging tool & techniques

Introduction to game design I

Introduction to typography

2D Animation I

Desktop Publishing

  1. Semester IV

Digital Imaging

Narrative Skills II

Introduction to 3D Computer Animation

Introduction to digital video tools and techniques

Introduction to game design II

2D Animation II

Brand Communication

  1. Semester V

3D Modeling &Animation I

Visual Effects & Motion graphics

MEL Scripting for artists

Level design in games

The digital sound design I

Website design I

Elements of video production

  1. Semester VI

3D Modeling & Animation II

Digital sound design II

Type in motion

Game production and prototyping

Portfolio design

Elements of video production II

Environment design

  1. Semester VII

3D Modeling, UV Mapping & Texturing

Open elective


Web design II

Digital graphic art

Game design

Project (Elective)

  1. Semester VIII

Degree Project

Job Opportunities and career After Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts:

  1. In digital Arts, there is not the only animation that most people think of, but there is also a lot more than animation in digital arts like game design, medical animator, comic book artist, legal animator, Architectural moderator, etc.
  2. Some students end up getting a job in the field of advertising, marketing, television, web, and emerging communication fields.
  3. The job positions are Multimedia Designer, Web Designer, Logo Designer, Brand Identity Designer, Flash Designer, Creative/Art Director, Photo Editing/Photoshop Artist, Layout Artist, Product Designer.
  4. Due to the increasing demand for digital platforms like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, the demand for creative artists in the field of animation and multimedia has also been increased.
  5. The recruiters are finding students who have specialization in the specific field rather than students who are in a general field.
  6. The top recruiters for Animation and Multimedia are Arena Animation, Technicolor, Prime Focus Technologies, Affinity Express, Adpro Media Solutions.

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts in India:

  1. School of Design Studies, Uttarakhand
  2. JLU School of Media & Communication, Bhopal
  3. DQ School of Visual Arts, Hyderabad
  4. Birla institute of technology, Noida

I hope the above information helps you in making a career decision. Good Luck!

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