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Want to teach online? Change the way you think about it.

Updated on 31 August 2020
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Updated on 31 August 2020

Online teaching was a part of our education system for many years but the real use of online teaching platforms has seen a boom because of this pandemic. This pandemic has made each and every individual to be 'edusavy' and to be self-reliant. People have started building their own online teaching platforms to teach various courses online to the students. This has created an inquisitive approach for the students to learn various concepts, subjects, and theories online. 

Online teaching has not only benefited the students but also the teachers. It has been seen that there has been an increase in demand for jobs of teachers because of online teaching. Though there is a shift from traditional to online classes in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, many people still have not adapted to this online teaching system. People still have many misconceptions and misunderstandings about it. 

Here are a few misconceptions about online teaching that people generally have:

Face to Face contact has more impact than online teaching.

Many parents and students feel that online teaching does not have the same impact as traditional classes. But this is not true, even though it is not as perfect as the traditional classes, it gives students a real-time conversation with teachers. In online teaching, the teacher can give attention to each and every child and can also have a conversation with them through a microphone.

There is not much enthusiasm for teaching online.

to gain the attention of the students the teachers have changed the structure of teaching, they have adapted to interesting and creative teaching skills to teach their students. There are various tools like screen sharing, whiteboard learning as well as gamification which interests students to learn new things every day. In Fact, there is much more enthusiasm in students and teachers because of new learning patterns, students are much more interested in learning and enjoying online teaching.

Cheating is much easier than before.

Cheating in the online test is nearly impossible, there is proctoring software that does not allow students to copy during the test. People feel that an online test is like giving a test in an ongoing online teaching class, but they are wrong. In the online test, the students are invigilated through a proctoring software that suspends the test of candidates as soon as they are suspected of doing any sort of unfair activity during the test. Therefore cheating in the online test is very much impossible.

Only tech-savvy people can teach online.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about online teaching. Most people feel that one should know each and every aspect of technology to teach online. But in reality, getting familiar with the tools and keys of the online teaching platform is good enough for teaching students. These teaching platforms are customized for teachers and students which is very user friendly.

After looking at the misconception of online teaching, let us look at a few of the benefits of online teaching.


Online teaching can take place anywhere and anytime with the convenience of the teachers and students. The teacher and students need to worry about the time limit unlike traditional classes and take classes without stressing about time and place.

The opportunity of Global learning

The students get the experience of learning from the top teachers and professors all over the world. Due to online teaching, the students can learn subjects of their interest from the teacher or professor who is located anywhere in the world. This engages global learning and cultural advancement, leading to connecting with different students all over the world.

Sharing valuable information

In online teaching, the teachers can share any information with the students in the form of pdfs and drives. They can share valuable educational information that helps the students gain extra information. They can even share important links of videos or websites for the students.

No cost and maintenance

Unlike traditional classrooms, you do not have to rent a room to start online teaching. You will just need a phone or a computer and an internet connection to start an online teaching platform. There is no cost or maintenance required to start online teaching.

The education industry has changed quite abruptly over a few months. But as we know change is inevitable, and changing as per situation is the quality of a human being. But the main aim of this change is for the betterment of the students.

I hope you understand how online teaching is going to be the next generation thing. Good Luck!

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