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Preparation strategy for teaching and research aptitude: UGC NET 2020

Updated on 10 September 2022
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Updated on 10 September 2022

The National Testing Agency(NTA) conducts this exam for the appointment for the post of Assistant Professor or JRF(Junior Research Fellowship) and Assistant professor. The exam is conducted in two sessions every year in July and another in December. This year NTA will conduct the UGC NET Exam from June 15th to June 20, 2020. The application form will be available in March. There are many topics in UGC NET Paper-1 out of which two of the subjects are:-

1.Teaching Aptitude

2.Research Aptitude

Some important topics in the first subject are:

1.Teaching Aptitude

Through the teaching aptitude test the candidate’s skills and knowledge in terms of teaching are known. It examines the different domains of a student like problem-solving skills, student behavior management, teaching ways, rapport-making and establishment of a amicable teacher-student environment. Some of the important topics for teaching aptitude are

1.Nature, objectives, characteristics and the basic requirements for teaching

2.Methods of teaching

3.Evolution of teaching systems

4.Factors which affect teaching

5.Characteristics of learners

6.Teaching aids

2.Research Aptitude

Through the research aptitude the candidates will be examined in the area of conducting research in different subjects and how to complete them. Some important topics to cover for research aptitude are

1.Meaning, types and characteristics of research

2.Steps for researching 

3.The characteristics and format for the thesis writing

4.Methods of research 

5.Research ethics

6.Paper, workshop, article, conference, seminar and symposium.

Candidates preparing for the exam should follow a good Preparation strategy for UGC NET 2020 to crack the exam in their first attempt.

Some preparation tips to crack the UGC NET exam successfully are:-

1. Before you start your preparation it’s important to make a time table according to your schedule and strictly stick to it. You should try to allot more time to the subjects which are more difficult and lesser time for the subjects which can be managed thus.

2. You should learn the exam pattern, marking scheme and important topics which have to be focused on for the exam.

3. Then you should also practice previous year’s question papers and mock tests on a daily basis. It will help you improve your problem-solving speed and tell you about the nature of questions which are asked.

4. The candidate should spend more time on the weak areas and keep the stronger subjects for later revisions.

5. The candidate should try to manage time and attempt as many questions as he can. Too much time must not be wasted over difficult questions. One should solve the questions which they know first.

Some study materials for UGC NET 2020 are

UGC NET is made of 2 papers:-Paper 1-It has the sections general paper and Research and Aptitude while paper 2 is mostly subjective.

Books for Paper-1

1.Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper 1 by M.Gagan and Sajit Kumar.

2.CBSE UGC NET/SET/JRF-Paper 1:Teaching and Research Aptitude by KVS Madaan.

3.UGC NET/SET Paper 1 by Mcgraw Hill Education.

4.CBSE UGC-NET: Teaching and Research Aptitude-JRF and Assistant Professor Exam Guide (for Paper-1)and [(CBSE UGC NET )JRF and Assistant Professor Exam] by Dr. M.S Ansari and RPH Editorial Board.

5.UGC NET/JRF/SLET General Paper-1 Teaching and Research Aptitude by Arihant Experts.

6.UGC NET/SET (JRF AND LS)14 year’s solved papers Teaching and Research Aptitude Paper-1.

7.UGC NET (Paper-1)50 Practice Papers (solved)by Ramesh Publishing House.

Books for Paper-2

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET Economics by Srinivas Shirur for Economics, Rural economics, Co-operation, Demography, Econometrics etc.

2. Trueman’s UGC NET Political Science by KA Babu and Sajit Kumar for Political Science.

3. Trueman’s UGC NET Philosophy by A.M Tripathi.

4. Trueman’s UGC NET Psychology by Akhilesh Mani.

5. Trueman’s UGC NET Sociology by S.Hussain.

6. Trueman’s UGC NET History by Pramod Singh.

7. Trueman’s UGC NET Commerce by Parveen Kataria, Anshu Kataria and M.Shivani.

8. Trueman’s UGC NET Education by Gagan Manocha.

9. CBSE UGC NET Defence and Strategic Studies for Defence and Strategic Studies.

10. Trueman’s UGC NET Management by M.Shivani for Management (including Business Administration Management/Marketing Mgmt/Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgmt/Financial Mgmt/Cooperative Mgmt.

11. Trueman’s UGC NET Hindi Literature (Hindi Sahitya) by Board of authors.

12. UGC NET /SET(JRF and LS)English Literature Paper-2 and 3 by Arihant Experts(Author), Third(Editor)



By following these tips and preparing from the given study materials, a candidate is sure to pass the seemingly most difficult exam i.e. UGC NET Exam in a very easy way. But the easy way needs tough dedication and a punctual routine to shine out the brightest. Because as we all know there is no shortcut for success. And the sweetest satisfaction too comes only when you sweat the most.

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