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Online Teaching Platform How it works? What are its Features, Pros & Cons?

Updated on 09 October 2020
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Updated on 09 October 2020

The concept of Online teaching platform has gained quite a lot of fame in the recent time. With the unfortunate outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, conventional classrooms came to a halt for indefinite time. This is when online teaching software started to rise in the Ed-tech market, becoming a huge support for all the educators and learners to continue with academic activities with virtual ease. 

So what is exactly an Online Teaching Platform and how does it work?

Online teaching as the name says, is done using the virtual means such as audio-video wherein both the teacher and students connect through an online platform. All the teaching material such as notes, assessments, quiz, courses, etc. is also exchanged through the very same platform with ease and accuracy. The online teaching platform comes integrated with various tools such as live chat, virtual streaming, interactive games, quiz maker, etc. 

As online education is coming on rise so are few of the myths related to it, one of which is that online learning and teaching platforms are expensive. Ed-tech tools are often considered to be expensive by many, and rarely do these people know that there are many good alternatives in the market on lesser rates. Similarly, there is some best online teaching platform for free available in the market which one can use to deliver effective online classes. 

How does Online Teaching Platform work?

Online teaching platform is a flexible technology which connects teachers and students from all across the world for learning solutions. It should work in following ways such as-

  1. Easy account creation and management 
  2. Efficient data sharing
  3. Ease of usage 
  4. Compatibility across devices
  5. Data security

What are the features of Online Teaching Platform?

An online teaching platform is exclusively created for the effective delivery of academic content to the learners. Unlike text books based learning, the virtual platform is more interactive and engages the learners on a higher level. This is the reason why online learning platform became quite famous amongst all types of learners. 

Virtual teaching and learning platforms are an epitome of flexibility and accuracy, rest it has got many more features to its benefits, some of which we will discuss now- 

User-Friendly Interface

When it comes to using any type of technology the first thing that matters the most is its accessibility. The interface should be interactive and simple to use. The purpose of icons should be clear and the text should be easy to understand. The website or app should be easy to navigate with interesting pop-ups that guides the user’s way throughout. 

Educators use online teaching software for various purposes right from designing courseware to creating live classes, so they should be comfortable with all the functionalities of the platform. The online education platform must be designed in a way that it mustn’t require any pro skills related to technology.

Branding Matters

Coaching centers, schools and universities mostly want to personalize the platform naming it with their own brand. Personalization in teaching is important to maintain authority over the learners, hence a virtual teaching and learning platform, should have this feature. It should give the freedom to the institutions to use their own brand name and logo, including the color palette. 

Branding not just gives authority to the educators but also inculcates a sense of belonging in the learners, giving them more security.

Interactive Tools

Online teaching is a blend of many tools that are adjoined together to render a seamless experience of a virtual teaching platform. Tools that enhance interactivity are a must when looking forward to purchasing the best online teaching platform for free. Even free teaching platforms come integrated with various tools such as audio-video classes, quizzes, simulations, gamification, etc. Some other added tools should be highlight text, search bar, bookmark pages, etc. Also, the course creation feature must have supporting tools for a professional course making experience. 

Assessment Tools 

Tests and assessments undoubtedly hold great importance in the academics and any online teaching software without it is a waste. You must ensure that the tool should provide you with the benefit of creating any type of quizzes and tests using a variety of question types. It should also provide free customizable templates which can be taken in reference to design a test. 

Content Security

The platform should provide complete control to the educator over the educational content. In order to safeguard the content from unauthorized usage and download, one can encrypt the educational content with DRM protection. This feature ensures that only rightful/authentic users having proper access codes can get access to the courses.

Offline Reading

Yes online teaching and learning is all about internet and the platform must run efficiently even with the availability of normal internet speed, but offline reading is a must have feature in an online learning platform. Students many times wish to download the content and then read it later and it should be done even in the offline mode. Reading offline feature might sound miscellaneous, but to the learners it is a boon as they can access it anytime from anywhere, even in areas with low to least internet connectivity. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Online Teaching Platform?

Pros of online Teaching Platform


  1. No time has to be wasted in commuting/travelling to the campus.
  2. No geographical or location constraints when it comes to selecting the teaching/learning options. 
  3. No limitation of time and the learners can follow the instructions at their own pace according to their own convenience. 

Less Expensive

  1. Online courses are mostly more affordable than the conventional classroom based courses.
  2. Travel cost is eliminated
  3. In case the learner is a working person, then he/she can continue with their job without any problem. 

The feasibility of technology 

  1. The learner can get access to a course, study material or test/quiz from anywhere at any time right through the mobile app. 
  2. Online courses give better opportunity to increase one’s skills on various office software or coding languages.

Cons of online Teaching Platform

Lacks social interaction 

  1. In case of self-paced courses the interaction with classmates is near to impossible
  2. All the communication is done through emails, chat or virtual group discussions which doesn’t provide the chance for offline get-together. 
  3. Lacks campus atmosphere 

However, taking in regards the current scenario where COVID-19 pandemic has brought too many limitations in the society, the above mentioned cons can also be counted as benefits. 


Online teaching platforms have emerged as a boon in the educational world, entirely transforming its basics for the better. Due to COVID pandemic, many teachers, educator and trainers have already adopted online teaching but if you are the one still thinking about it then better switch to its benefits today. Do remember that online teaching is not expensive and you can get your very own best online teaching platform for free today. 

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