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Updated on 30 October 2020
Shailesh Sharma
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Updated on 30 October 2020
  1. Reserve Bank of India : Central Bank of India established on the recommendation of Hilton Young Committee,Estd: April, 24,1935 Headquarter: Initially it was Kolkata but it was shifted to Bombay in 1937. Nationalised in 1949 . Also acted as Burma's (now Myanmar) central bank until April 1947 , even though Burma seceded from the Indian Union in 1937. After the Partition of India in August 1947, the bank served as the central bank for Pakistan until June 1948 

  1. Allahabad Bank ,Estd: April, 24,1865,Headquarter: Kolkatta,Tagline: A Tradition of trust  Merged With Indian Bank 
  2. Punjab National Bank,Estd: May,19,1894,Tagline: The Name You Bank Upon,Headquarter: New Delhi

  1. Corporation Bank,Estd: March 12,1906,Headquarter: Mangalore,Tagline: Prosperity for All, Merged With Union Bank of India

  1. Bank Of India,Estd: Sept,7,1906,Headquarter: Mumbai,Tagline: Relationship Beyond Banking

  1. Canara Bank,Estd: Jul,1,1906,Headquarter: Bengaluru,Tagline: Together We Can

  1. Indian Bank,Estd: Aug,15,1907,Headquarter: Chennai,Tagline: Your Tech-Friendly Bank

  1. Punjab and Sindh Bank,Estd: June 24, 1908,Headquarter: New Delhi,Tagline: Where Service is a way of Life

  1. Bank Of Baroda,Estd: July,20,1908,Headquarter: Baroda,Tagline: India’s International Bank

  1. Central Bank of India,Estd: Dec,21,1911,Headquarter: Mumbai,Tagline: Build a Better Life Around us

  1. Union Bank of India,Estd: Nov.11,1919,Headquarter: Mumbai,Tagline: Good People to Bank with

  1. United Bank of India,Estd: Nov.11,1919,Headquarter: Kolkatta,Tagline: The Bank that begins with “U”,Merged with Punjab national Bank

  1. Andhra Bank,Estd: Nov.20,1923,Headquarter: Hyderabad,Tagline: Where India Banks,Merged with Union Bank
  2. Syndicate Bank,Estd: Oct. 20,1925,Headquarter: Manipal,Tagline: Your Faithful and Friendly Financial Partner,Merged With Canara Bank

  1. Vijaya Bank,Estd: Oct. 31,1931,Headquarter: Bengaluru,Tagline: A Friend you can bank upon,Merged with Bank of Baroda

  1. Bank of Maharashtra,Estd: Sept.16,1935,Headquarter: Pune,Tagline: One Family One Bank

  1. Indian Overseas Bank,Estd: Feb.10,1937,Headquarter: Chennai,Tagline: Good People to Grow With

  1. Dena Bank,Estd: May,26,1938 ,Headquarter: Mumbai,Tagline: Trusted Family Bank,Merged With Bank of Baroda

  1. UCO Bank,Estd: Jan.6,1943,Headquarter: Kolkata,Tagline: Honors Your Trust

  1. Oriental Bank of Commerce,Estd: Feb.19,1943,Headquarter: New Delhi,Tagline: Where Every Individual is Committed,Merged with Punjab National Bank

  1. State Bank of India(Earlier it was Imperial Bank of India),Estd: July,1,1955,Headquarter: Mumbai,Tagline: Pure Banking, Nothing Else

  1. IDBI Bank,Estd: July,1964 Headquarter: Mumbai,Tagline: Banking for All/Aao Sochein Bada

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