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How to Score 99% in Class 12th Commerce

Updated on 19 January 2022
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Updated on 19 January 2022

Competition is increasing every year, as we have seen that the number of students who scored above 90% has increased from 94000 in 2019 to almost 1.5 lakhs in 2020. Scoring more than 90% marks in CBSE is not a rocket science as every year thousands of students score more than 95%. However, students are often confused and they wonder how to score 99 percent in class 12 that will benefit them in the future.

Now, you know that It is possible to get 99% in boards, but for that, you just need a proper technique and approach. But how to score 99% with the commerce stream is still a question among aspirants. However, there is one thing which is certain- is to have a vision, a target, a proper mindset for scoring 99% in board exams as a Visionless approach will land you nowhere.

Thus before starting the syllabus, you have to assure yourself that you are a passionate, hard-working, and dedicated person. This assurance given by you to yourself will help you hustle every day.

Daily Study Time Table for Class 12 Commerce

It is important to make a proper time table while appearing for any exam. Making a timetable will help you to complete your syllabus on time while keeping a track of every chapter that you have covered. However, to make a daily study time table for class 12 commerce follow these tips-

1. Give more time to tough and lengthy subjects like Maths and accountancy. Make sure that you give almost 2 hours to Maths and accounts every day.

2. Study Economics and Business Studies on alternate days by giving them an hour of each.

3. Give equal time to other subjects too and spare time for revision.

How to Score Good Marks?- Subject-Wise Strategy

The Commerce stream is slightly different from Arts and Science because here you have to do a lot of practical work to get good grades. Also, the syllabus of commerce is vast due to long calculations and business-related topics. Thus it is important to make a subject-wise strategy to get more than 90% in boards. Follow the below strategies to know how to study commerce easily with detailed study techniques.


Accountancy is the core subject in the commerce stream which includes a lot of concepts, thus mugging up will not help in this subject. Hence it is important that all the concepts are clearly understood and should be at your fingertips.

Tips to Study Accountancy

1. Journal Entry must be on your tips- Because if you journalize any transaction you will be able to solve every question.

2. High Weightage Chapters- Start preparing from the chapters that have high weightage such as company accounts, cash flow statements, and partnership because they carry around 50% weightage in your exam.

3. Do not Mug up Formulas- Due to the high pressure and fear on the day of the board exam, you may forget the formulas that you have mugged up and not learned them by heart during your preparation. Thus to avoid that it is important to learn and remember the formulas by heart.

Business Studies

Business studies is another core subject that is theoretical in nature and hence more scoring than accounts. Thus in the theory paper, you need to concentrate on the presentation of the paper.

Tips to Study Business Studies

1. Timely Revision- Because business studies include a lot of theory. It is important to revise the concepts every day so that it doesn't flush out of your mind.

2. Case Study Questions- Business studies include questions that need your input as “Do you agree with the statement” thus it is important to practice more case study related questions. This strategy is also helpful to know how to score above 95 in 12th boards CBSE as students can follow this same strategy and gain good marks.


Class 12th Economics consists of Macro as well as Microeconomics that includes theory, as well as practical questions. This in turn makes the overall syllabus vast. Thus it is important to follow a proper approach for both practical as well as theory part to get more than 90% in this subject.

Tips for Economics

1. Prepare Diagrams- As Macro and Micro Economics consist of a lot of diagrams, it is important to prepare neatly labeled diagrams. Always label the diagram while attempting such questions.

2. Practice Numericals- Chapters like national income consist of a lot of practical parts thus it is important to practice a good set of practice questions to score good grades.


While referring to the above-mentioned points, students can know how to score 99 percent in class 12 efficiently. It can be made possible with a proper schedule, hard work, starting the syllabus on time, a lot of revision, etc. However, everyone does hard work to get good grades on boards but the main reason that they do not get success is the pro-tip that they forget to follow. Yes, Other than all these tips, the pro-tip is not to get stressed out, having a positive attitude is a must to score 99% in commerce.



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