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Reference Books for Class 12th Commerce

Updated on 19 January 2022
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Updated on 19 January 2022

Books are an essential part of learning as they are one of the best means to score good marks in the exam. Before preparing for any exam it is important to collect the best reference books of that subject. Books give you a directional approach to study for any exam thus they play an important role in our journey. 

To help candidates score the best grades in their class 12th, we have provided a list of some of the best books for class 12 CBSE board exam in this article. These reference books easily explain concepts thus it is important to go through them.


CBSE class 12 commerce books list 2020 21

Preparing from the best books for the upcoming 2020-21 CBSE exam is important as it helps students to prepare for the latest topics as per the exam point of view.

Apart from the books we have mentioned below, candidates are advised to solve sample papers as they will get a hint of the type of questions asked in the exam.

Below we have suggested some of the best reference books subject-wise which will help you throughout your board exams journey.

Best Reference Books for Class 12th CBSE Accounts

Book Name


Part A- Double Entry Book Keeping Accounting for Companies

TS Grewal

Part B- Analysis of Financial Statements

TS Grewal

Part A- Accounting for Not-for-profit Organization and Partnership firms

Sandeep Garg

Part B- Accounting for Companies

Sandeep Garg

Part B- Analysis of Financial Statements

DK goel


 Best Reference Books for class 12 CBSE Economics

Book Name


Introductory Macroeconomics for Class 12th

Sandeep Garg

Introductory Macroeconomics for Class 12th-CBSE

TR Jain & VK Ohri


Radha Bhaguna

Best Reference Books for Class 12th CBSE Chemistry

Book Name


Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry Volume-1 & 2

S.C. Khetarpal, S.N. Dhawan, P.N. Kapil

Chemistry Textbook for Class 12th Part 1& 2 

OP Tandon

CBSE Chapterwise Solutions- Chemistry ( Class 12)

Purnima Sharma

Modern’s ABC OF Chemistry Class-12 Part-1 &2 (With CD)

S.P. Jauhar

Best Reference Books for Class 12th CBSE Business Studies

Book Name


Business Studies for Class 12th Paperback

Subhash Dey

Business Studies

Poonam Gandhi

Case Studies Mentor in Case Studies Class 12th

Alka Dhawan

ABD’S Bull’s Eye’s Business Studies- Case Studies

Neeru Sethi


Best Reference Book for class 12 political science

NCERT is the Best Book for Boards

Oswal Book Question Bank

Previous Year Question Bank

Best Reference Book for sociology class 12

NCERT is the best book for Sociology



The above-mentioned books are the best books for class 12 CBSE board exam. Never forget that NCERT is the key to score good marks in boards examination. As 99% of the syllabus is covered by NCERT itself thus it should be your priority. May it be Science, Commerce or Arts stream most of the paper will be covered from your NCERT book only. Thus, Always complete your NCERT first and then move to any other reference book.


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