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Role Of Mass Media and Communication in Sociology

Updated on 07 January 2021
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Updated on 07 January 2021

Mass Communication is defined as the medium of imparting information or knowledge to a wide variety of people across nations. Mass communication has helped in reaching various parts of the world through news, studies and art or culture. There are various types of mass communication. Initially, there were only four types of Mass Media i.e. newspapers, radio, televisions and magazines. However, the sources have grown and there are other types of mass media apart from these four. 

The other sources are advertising, social media, audio media, photography, public relations and journalism. Mass Communication is one of the important aspects as they are the sources of imparting knowledge other than education and further studies. 

What is the importance of mass communication? People are curious about this fact. Mass communication is important as it includes socialization. The beliefs and attitudes of people can be influenced in a positive way through mass media. As it helps in spreading the knowledge, mass communication can be helpful in various things like art, music, culture and tradition of various nations. You can know about various nations and their culture and other future prospects through mass media. 

Types of Mass Media:

As stated above mass media has grown and are subjected to various other types like advertising, journalism, newspapers, etc. below are some of the types of mass media.

1. Advertising:

It is a marketing tool. The marketing team of various companies undertakes this tool in order to influence customers in buying the products of their company. Advertising takes place over newspapers and televisions. The marketing team controls what has to be represented in front of the people.

2. Journalism:

This is one the most common types of mass media that include the circulation of information to the public through newspapers, radios, smart-phones etc. It includes the circulation and production of reports to be presented before the people. There are types of journalism like civic journalism (information about democracy) and citizen journalism (producing news for the citizens). 

3. Public Relations:

The public relations department of the company is responsible for providing information to the public regarding the product of the company. Public relations also mean shaping public opinion. The public opinion is a kind of a comprehensive opinion of the people about the particular product of the company.   

4. Social Media:

Social media is one of the important factors used by companies for mass communication. Almost half of the population uses social media. Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram help in influencing the general public’s beliefs and attitudes. Companies represent their advertisements on these platforms so that maximum numbers of people are able to see them.     

5. Radio: 

Radio is part of the audio media. The radio stations can be heard anytime and anywhere now. Various podcasts are also available on various sites which can be useful as they are motivational. 

These are some of the mass media sources which help in circulating the information among people. 

Types of Mass Communication Courses

Mass Media is one such platform that is helpful as the people are able to know and imbibe the culture, art, music of various other nations. Below is the list of types of mass communication courses in mass media.

1. Diploma in Development Journalism- 4 months

2. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication- 2 Years

3. BA in Journalism- 3 years

4. BA (Hons.) in Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)- 3 Years

5. Diploma in Media Studies- 3 Years

6. Bachelors of Mass Media (BMM)- 3 Years

7. Bachelors in Hindi Journalism & Mass Communication (BHJMC)- 3 Years

8. BA (Hons.) Multi-Media & Mass Communication- 3 Years

9. Bachelors in Film Making and Mass Communication- 3 Years

10. Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication- 2 Years

11. P.G certificate course: Hindi Journalism- 1 Year

12. P.G Diploma: Hindi Journalism- 2 Years

13. Ph.D. in Mass Communication- 2 Years

The above-mentioned courses can be undertaken by the student if he/she wishes to pursue mass media. These courses will help the students in pursuing their passion and imparting knowledge across nations. You can also pursue these courses from other countries as well. 

Now, people ponder over a question i.e. what is the role of mass media? Mass media helps in informing, educating and entertaining the people. Mass media also influences the views and behaviour of people regarding various topics like countries, education, economy, democracy and many more.

Mass media shapes the public opinion. For this, the people presenting the reports have to be very careful as fake news or reports might shape a wrong opinion among the people. The mass media reaches a large section of the country so the reports represented must be authentic and worth reading.    

Mass Communication is very helpful in reaching out to the general public regarding everything. Ranging from a company’s product to the policies of the country, everything can be covered under mass communication. Students opt for courses through which they are able to address the public regarding various things.

There are various types of mass communication that have their own importance and role. Mass Communication source like social media is very helpful as it can be accessed by all the people anywhere and everywhere in their mobile phones. Therefore, Mass Communication is one such course that addresses the general public regarding the most important and generic topics. 

Mass media and communication is also one of the most important topics in sociology so students studying in class 12th arts must read the above points and understand them to easily attempt this question in the exam

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