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How many hours must a Medical Student study?

Updated on 19 January 2022
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Updated on 19 January 2022

Medical is a tough stream because of the difficult concepts included in subjects like chemistry, physics and biology which require more time to understand and learn. What makes it even tougher is to manage the time to prepare for boards as well as for NEET. Usually, students find themselves in the middle of confusion on which areas they should prioritize first or how much time they should actually devote to both of them.

In this article, we will guide you to make the daily schedule of a medical student along with the number of hours you need to put in every day.

Due to the vast syllabus and tough concepts, it is advisable for medical students, in particular, to devote a little more time to self-study. However, still, the question which always stresses students is- how many hours do pre med students study? Toppers study for how many hours? Do I need to study for 12 hours each day?

Here, we will try to give answers to all such questions and provide you with a detailed study schedule.

Daily Routine

Medical is a diverse as well as tough field thus it requires a proper and strict daily routine to be followed dedicatedly. Subjects like biology, physics and chemistry need quite a long time to understand the concepts. Now only understanding the concept is not enough as these subjects need proper revision and practice thus this whole process becomes lengthy.

In your daily routine, it is also important to cover all these subjects which in general takes 8-9 hours per day. Math, physics and chemistry will take at least 2 hours for each subject per day. Hence preparing a timetable according to this approach is very important.

However, always remember that not every student is the same, every student has a different level of grasping things. As some will understand the concepts much faster than others and ultimately it all depends upon the capability of the mind. Thus it is possible that some students need only 5 hours per day while others may need more than 9 hours.

It is always advised to students to set the time limit according to their capability and do not follow other students' routine or how much time they study daily. The hours to be studied should be according to your mental as well as physical limits.


Study Schedule for Medical Student

Daily hours to be studied can only be fulfilled if you make a proper study schedule. Below we are providing you some small tricks on how to prepare a study schedule.

1. Start your day Early- Do not waste your time as you have so much to study within a limited 8 hour time frame which makes it necessary to wake early as well as sleep early.

2. Cover Difficult Subjects in the Morning- Subjects like physics and math are easy to understand with a fresh mind so start your morning with a little exercise followed by practicing a subject like physics and math.

3. Time Management- Time management plays an important role in life and this is the best time to learn the same at this age so that you will get used to it in the latter stage of your life. You need to prepare for your boards as well as for the NEET exam thus it is important to manage your time accordingly.

4. Follow Time Table- Prepare a timetable for the entire day that will help you to follow a directional approach and will help you to cover your syllabus quickly by ensuring that you did not miss any topic. Your every step for the entire day should be based on your time –table. The study schedule for medical student must be managed as per the time table only.

5. Take Small Breaks- Your mind is no machine thus it is important to give some time to relax by taking proper breaks and listening to music or just taking a nap. Do not stress your mind as a stressful mind cannot function properly.

6. Spare time for revision- Revising topics make sure that you don’t forget any of them which makes it important to spare time for revision. Always revise as previous topics while starting a new topic or spare your weekends to revise all the concepts you covered during weekdays.

7. Solve Sample Papers- Your schedule must include solving the sample papers as it will make your preparation stronger and give you an idea of how much hard work you still need to implement.                 


We have covered the daily schedule of a medical student. There is no general rule in devoting the number of hours to be put to score good marks because every mind is different and every student is different. Do not stress your body just because your friends are studying for 12 hours a day as some students grasp quickly than the others. Always study according to your bodily limits while giving proper rest to the mind.


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