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How to score above 90% in Class 12 Medical Exam

Updated on 17 March 2023
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Updated on 17 March 2023

Class 12th is considered as one of the important phases in every student's life, not just because of the toughness of exams but also due to the constant pressure of career building. The growing level of competition in college cut-offs and entrance exams makes it even more important to score high on the 12th boards.

Scoring good marks in 12th class is something every student wishes but cannot fulfill. However, managing time and studying smartly can improve your chances of scoring remarkably well. Following a proper directional approach is the key to score well regardless of the stream.

The only difference is the streams like science needs more attention and dedication. Students often wonder how to score above 95 in 12th boards CBSE? or tips to score above 90 in boards and so on. In this article, we will provide you with the study routine and some tips to grab good marks on boards.


Study Routine for Class 12th Science

Boards are even more stressful for students of the medical stream because they have to balance NEET preparation with class 12th board exams. According to the eligibility criteria of NEET, students need to score a minimum aggregate of 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology. 

This makes it essential for medical students to score good marks in their NEET exams as well as to obtain a fair score in their board exams. Usually, students find it hard to balance between the two but with a proper study routine, both of these targets can be achieved. Aspirants can check the below list for important tips and study routines they can implement.

1. Know your Syllabus- The first step for implementing any study routine is to know the syllabus and then divide the chapters according to their weightage. CBSE deletes or adds topics and chapters every year which makes it important to get up-to-date with your syllabus. Do not rely on unreliable sources and check the CBSE official site to know your syllabus.

2. Strict Time Table- Students must make a study timetable for class 12 science. However, with a stream like medical, you must be preparing for two major exams that are boards and NEET at the same time. This is why it is extremely important to follow a strict timetable to cover your syllabus within a stipulated amount of time. Also with subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, the medical stream is full of concepts and takes much time to cover the syllabus.

3. Subject Preference- With a stream like medical it is important to divide subjects based on difficulty. Make your daily routine based on the preferred subject. Usually, it is advised to give more time to physics and chemistry as they consist of a huge syllabus and tough concepts. The second preference should be given to math as math also requires much practice. The third could be biology because it is easy to learn the concepts of biology.

4. Time allotted to Subjects- While preparing your timetable it is important to allocate the time according to the subjects. Make a target to cover a specific chapter within a specific time frame. Give at least 2 hours to physics, chemistry and math every day and allocate at least 1 hour to biology as well.

5. Clear your Concepts- Medical stream is full of concepts that are not easily understandable thus it is important to be thorough with your concepts to score well. Understanding concepts will help you to solve various problems and improve knowledge as well.

6. Follow NCERT- This is the most important suggestion for every board aspirant regardless of their streams. Do not skip any topic from the NCERT, move to your reference books only after getting all the topics from NCERT as your exam question can be asked from anywhere from the NCERT book.

7. Follow 3 R’s- The 3 R's Read, Revise, and Rehearse is important to clear your concepts and raise your confidence. These 3 R's are the key for medical students to score well as subjects like physics and chemistry need proper revision and rehearsals.

8. Sample Papers- Sample papers play an important role especially with subjects like maths and chemistry as it gives insights into your preparation and is the best way to practice numerical. Thus, your daily routine should include the completion of at least 1 sample paper of 2 subjects per day.

By following these tips students will be satisfied to know how to score 90 percent in class 12 science and can ace their exams easily.


Students also wonder how to score good marks in 12th boards science in 1 month. However, the Pro-tip is to start your syllabus early, do not wait for the last moment to start the preparation as the syllabus of medical is vast and cannot be completed within a limited time. Another pro tip is to not get stressed. It is important to give your mind some relaxation from complicated concepts and numerical. We are sure that this study routine will help you to get good marks on boards. Good luck!

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