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How to prepare for Class 12 Non-Medical Exam?

Updated on 21 January 2022
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Updated on 21 January 2022

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts board examinations for classes 10th and 12th. Both the classes are very important as they might help in shaping your future. Class 12th is more important than class 10th as the 12th boards can help in securing a good college if you have scored a good percentage. Students are often questionable about how to prepare for board exams class 12th? Well, there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow in order to prepare for the 12th board exams. 

1. Go through the Syllabus:

The first step in preparing for the exams is going through the syllabus. When you read the syllabus, you can mark the topics that you are weak in along with the topics that are time – consuming. Reading the syllabus is one of the main steps in preparing for the exams.

2. Clear the Basics:

The NCERT books help the students in clearing doubts regarding difficult concepts and topics. Once the basics are cleared, not much time is taken to complete the syllabus. Once you understand the concepts, you can possibly solve any question. Thus, clearing the basics is very important.

3. Secondary Material:

Apart from the NCERT books, you can take help from the reference books. Reference books help in clearing the doubts that you might be having even after completing the NCERT books. The reference books contain a detailed explanation of various topics and subjects. You can take help from these books if there is something that you might not understand. 

4. Take Small Breaks:

You cannot study for 4 – 5 hours at a stretch as your mind will be exhausted till then. Therefore, it is advisable to take small breaks of 10 – 15 minutes in between as that might help in improved concentration and focus while studying. 

5. Time – Table:

Preparing and following a proper time – table will help you in completing the syllabus. Follow the time – table religiously and mark out your weak areas and begin with them. Time – table will result in timely completion of the syllabus. 

6. Solve Sample Papers:

After completing your syllabus, solve several sample papers, mock tests and previous year’s question papers. This will result in better preparation for the exams. You can practice and prepare diligently through solving these sample papers and mock tests.  

You can undertake these steps to prepare for the 12th non – medical exams. Now, students often ponder over the fact that how to score 95 in 12th boards CBSE? The above-mentioned preparation strategies can be undertaken to score good marks in the 12th board exams. You can also increase your study hours to attain good results.

The above-stated tips can also be undertaken to answer the question of how to get 90 percent in board exams in one month.   

How to prepare for 12th board exams commerce in one month?

This is a valid question and is often asked by the students. The above–mentioned techniques can be followed to prepare for any exam. Talking about the Commerce stream exams, the major subjects are Business Studies, Accountancy and Economics.

These subjects are difficult and require good practice. Thus, students must devote more time to preparing for the commerce exam. Following the time – table and practicing question papers of previous years might result in scoring good marks. 

How much time does it take to complete class 12th syllabus?

Students often ponder upon this question. Apart from studying in school, they are confused about how much time they must devote to their studies in order to complete the syllabus. Well, it’s up to you whether you want to complete the syllabus in one month or more. In case you want to complete your syllabus at the earliest, you must start preparing well in advance by following the above–mentioned preparation strategies.

Apart from these strategies, you must devote at least 6 – 7 hours in preparing for the examination apart from the school hours. If you want to score good marks, you must study 6 – 7 hours extra. This will help in the timely completion of the syllabus and will result in good preparation for the exams. 

Board Preparation Time – Table

A student must follow a proper time table to complete the syllabus on time. It will also result in efficient revision as well. Below is a rough draft of a time table that you can follow.



6:00 A.M

Wake up and finish your daily chores like gym or workout.

7:30 A.M

As morning is considered to be the best time to do anything. So, you can start preparing for the exam. Focus on the weak subjects and begin the preparation.

9:00 A.M

Have breakfast and take a break. Time – intervals help in refreshing the mind and improve concentration.

9:30 A.M

Do a quick revision of what you studied in the morning.

10:00 A.M

After revision, pick up difficult subjects like maths and science as they require time for preparation.

11:45 A.M


12:00 P.M

Take a break and rest for some-time.

1:00 P.M

Take up the subject that you wish to study. Take lighter subjects like English or Hindi.

3:00 P.M

Have lunch.

7:00 P.M

Recollect and revise whatever you have studied all day so that it remains fresh in your mind.

8:30 P.M

Have your dinner.

9:45 P.M

Revise and write down the formulas and equations that you have memorized. Writing helps in memorizing better.

11:00 – 11:30 P.M

Relax and go to sleep.


This is one study plan that you can follow in order to prepare for Class 12th boards for Non – Medical. It’s better that you make one of your own, as you will be able to make your own alterations. Students are often confused about how to prepare for board exams class 12th or so. Following the time – table and following preparation strategies will result in achieving good marks in the 12th board exams. Therefore, to secure a good percentage you must work hard, practice and prepare efficiently.   

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