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Study24x7 is a Social Learning Network which will allow you to collaborate with your peers, ask and answer questions, resolve doubts related to studies, access courses, mocks and study materials related to your exam. It is a one stop

The key to scoring more than 90% in k-12 examinations is to start the preparation early. Followed by this, make an effective preparation strategy that will allow you to stay on track and complete your entire syllabus on time. One can also take help from online or offline classes to boost the exam preparation.

The best way to prepare for k-12 exams is to give more time to self-study. Gather all the necessary study materials and make a study schedule for daily learning so that you can easily cover all the subjects on time. Keep solving mock tests and study previous year’s question papers to get an idea about the exam pattern and important questions.

Before making a study plan, one should set clear learning goals and only then proceed forward. Give an equal amount of time to each subject and set ample time for breaks in between the studies. You can also increase the time for subjects that you feel need more focus, do not forget to follow this study plan daily without fail

Yes, online preparation is extremely useful for k-12 students. It gives them an edge over offline preparation by allowing them to learn anytime and anywhere on a budget.

To prepare for k-12 exams, one can access a variety of online courses as per their learning needs on various online learning platforms. There are many experienced and skilled educators who provide one-on-one guidance and doubt solving sessions, so students can also take help from those educators. Practice using study materials and mock tests provided by the online learning platforms.

There are many opportunities for students after clearing their K-12 exams like opting for medical, engineering, teaching, pharmacy, architecture and so on. Depending on the percentage scored in k-12, students can select any of these degree courses.

After k-12, students can opt for some of the courses which will eventually help them land a high-paying job. Courses such as Chartered Accountancy, Fashion designing, Bachelors in Computer Science or Information Technology, aviation are some of the courses which will help you in securing a high-paying job.

Yes, mock tests are of utmost importance when preparing for k-12 exams as it will help students to practice effectively for the exams. Also, one can know their strengths and weaknesses and improve accordingly in their exam preparation by solving these tests.

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