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A career webinar connects individuals to industry experts in their chosen field, who share a real glimpse into their future world. The professionals share their own journey in the industry, talk about the highlights and challenges that come with this career, and advise individuals on what they should expect from their chosen careers.

If you’re looking to advance your career in your career, there are plenty of online courses and short Guided Projects available that can help you build these skills right away. Courses in finance, accounting, and business modeling can give you the tools you need to manage your cash flow wisely. Business planning, value chain management, project management, sales, human resources, etc, can help you optimize your operations for success. If you’re a people person, you might want to take online courses in negotiation, communication, and strategic leadership. And if you’re a numbers person, courses in business analytics, statistics, and digital transformation can help you put data to work. Whatever your business background, Study 24x7 online courses can take you further and help you secure a good job!

You may know if learning in a particular field is right for you or not, while opting for it. In case you cannot figure that out, you can take our Aptitude Test. It will help you analyze your strengths and know your Improvement Areas along with which career path will be best suitable for you.

Common career paths for someone in business may start with junior roles in accounting, management, or marketing. From there, your career may advance in areas involving strategy, product, and distribution. Working in a technical or operational part of a business might show a career path on the technology side, moving into network oversight or operational infrastructure for a large company. A typical career path may likely depend on your career ambitions, as well as the industry you choose to work in.

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