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Frequently Asked Questions

Study24x7 is a Social Learning Network which will allow you to collaborate with your peers, ask and answer questions, resolve doubts related to studies, access courses, mocks and study materials related to your exam. It is a one stop

Yes, online classes are very effective to prepare for competitive exams. It helps students to access tons of courses, study materials, test series, expert guidance and much more from the comfort of their homes. Students can customise their learning needs and get budget-friendly deals on various courses that are designed as per their preferred examinations.

Preparing for competitive exams within a month can be made easy by making a study timetable and following it religiously. Find out the scoring and important topics for each section and give preference to these topics. Refer to past year’s question papers and solve mock tests daily.

Reading is very important for acing the current affairs section. Candidates should read newspapers, online articles, reports, etc and keep track of the current happenings in and around the world to excel in this section easily.

One can appear for numerous competitive exams after class 12th depending on their interest. Some of the most popular competitive exams are JEE, NEET, NDA, BITSAT, AIIMS, etc.

Yes, one can easily prepare for competitive exams from their homes themselves. It totally depends on the candidates, whether they are comfortable with self-study or online learning. They can opt for either of the approaches and start their studying. Make sure to inculcate the habit of discipline and work hard without any distractions to succeed in the examination.

Competitive exams give you an idea about your areas of interest and help in selecting the right career for yourself. It will also prove useful for getting a thorough knowledge and understanding of various subjects which can be further applied in your future career.

Online study materials are extremely helpful as one can access curriculum wise notes, mock tests, and other educational material. Apart from that, the study materials are personalized as per the learning needs and budget of each learner. Learners can also choose free and paid study materials that are available according to various competitive exams.

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