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PG (Postgraduate Entrance)

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Tips for Taking Online Classes/Courses on Study24x7.Treat an online course like a “real” course.Hold yourself accountable, for self-studying.Practice time management.Create a regular study space and stay organized.Eliminate distractions, like mobile or TV, during study hours.Figure Out How You Learn Best.Actively participate during the classes and clear your doubts.Also, engage with your peers through the platform and study together.

Our career counseling assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that considers all facets of your personality, interests, and skills. It works to guide you in identifying your true selves and your areas of interest.

Yes, you will. Once you know the career you are interested in, you’ll get all the information you need on those career paths from the mentor’s or career counselors.

Yes, Study24x7 mentors hold live sessions where you can communicate virtually with the instructors and other students.

No, Study24x7 will give you access to every study resource on the platform online.

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