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Best Way to Study for Class 12th Non-Medical Students

Updated on 21 January 2021
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Updated on 21 January 2021

CBSE board exams are around the corner and this is the most crucial period in every student's life. Students are now gearing up for it. However, the preparation of students with science streams is slightly different because of the difficulty of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Math. It is also because it is a pathway for all major entrance examinations like JEE, NEET, BITSAT, etc. This makes it important to get good marks in class 12th as these marks will be the deciding factor for their future.

With the vastness of the syllabus and difficulty level of examination, the main question is how to get good marks? What are the best ways to study? Tricks to score 90+?

So, the best way to study for board exams for any stream is by following a proper and dedicated study plan for class 12 CBSE however with the science stream, you have to be more serious and regular with your studies. In this article, we will provide you tips for a study routine for class 12th non-medical students which will help you to grab good marks.


Study Routine for Class 12 Science

Before starting with the tips it is important to understand that there is no short trick or an escape plan from hard work. The Science stream requires a lot of dedication and hard work so if someone gives you the tricks to score 95 in the last 2 or 3 months do not fall into the trap.

Although it is possible with other streams but certainly not with the stream like non-med where there are subjects like maths and physics which requires constant hard work and practice. Take a look at the study plan below.

1. Start Syllabus Early- As we discussed the above subjects like math and physics are tough thus require more time and practice which makes it extremely important for you to start your syllabus early. 

2. Know your Syllabus- Before starting your preparation for the exam it is important to go thoroughly through your syllabus. CBSE students must visit CBSE official site to get the updated syllabus.

3. Prepare Time table- After assessing the syllabus, the next step is to prepare a timetable or a study plan based on the weightage of topics. Subjects like maths and physics have a vast syllabus thus it is important to give these subjects a special place in your timetable.

4. NCERT is your Bible- No matter how many books you refer to prepare for the exam, never forget that NCERT is your bible for your non-med stream. 90% of your physics and math exam will come directly from your NCERT which makes it important to practice NCERT from your heart. Hence referring to NCERT should be your main study plan for class 12 CBSE as the majority of the syllabus is covered by NCERT itself.

5. Practice & Practice- Subjects like math and physics require constant practice. Try solving a good set of previous year question papers to score well in these subjects.

6. Make revision notes- Non-medical subjects contain a lot of theorems and formulae which makes it important to make proper handwritten notes as it will help you to clear your concepts more aptly.


How to Score above 95 in 12th Boards CBSE?

Above we have discussed tips to cover syllabus and preparation strategy but now comes a question: are these tips enough to score above 95 in the science stream? Although these tips are all-inclusive still there are few master tips to score above 95 in the science stream which are as follows-

Proper Time Management

Non- med stream consists of tougher core subjects than the rest of the streams. This makes it important to manage your time properly. Do not spend too many hours on one subject as every subject may it be math physics or chemistry needs proper attention. Divide your entire day properly and manage your entire day in a way that you give enough time to each subject.

Adequate Revision Cycles

Chances of forgetting Formulae and theorem are high, thus it needs proper revision cycles to learn them till your exam day. Always learn the concepts that you learned yesterday before focusing on today's target. Your target should not only be to complete the syllabus but learning the syllabus by heart as this is the only way to grab good marks.

Answer Presentation Skills

Every aspirant studies well for the exam but do you ever wonder why they lag behind others? The answer is presentation skills. Poor handwriting disinterests the examiner thus attempting a Board exam in a well-structured way with clear handwriting is important. To score above 95 in boards it is important to practice answer writing skills before the exam.


Scoring good marks with a non-med stream is difficult but not impossible. With a proper study plan for class 12 CBSE, you can ace your exam. Also, Constant hard work with dedication is the key to success but not taking stress is extremely significant too. Give proper rest to your mind because a well-rested mind increases your concentration and improves efficiency.

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