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Extraction of Crude Material from Concentrated Ore

Updated on 21 January 2021
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Updated on 21 January 2021

One of the most important questions asked by students related to the chemistry subject is- What is Crude Material? Well, Crude materials are defined as the ones which have entered the market but need some polishing and fabrication before selling. The crude material includes iron, coal, petroleum and many minerals.

Fuels like crude oil or natural gas come under the crude materials along with metals like silver, gold, iron, lead and many more. Crude materials are somewhat a mixture of hydrocarbon, oxygen, sulphur and nitrogen. These crude materials are further processed so that they are ready before use.  

Now, students have another question in mind i.e. how the conversion of concentrated ore into metal takes place? Well, the answer to this is simple. The concentrated ore is transformed into an oxide. Then, the extraction of metal takes place and the oxide is transformed into a metal through a reducing agent. The oxide is converted by the process of providing excessive heat to the oxide so much so that it turns into a metal (roasting). This is how the change takes place. The process of extracting metal from ore is called Mining.

There are three ways of extracting metal from ore

  1. The first method is excessive heating through the carbon. Iron and copper are there in the ores so they are heated with the help of carbon to extract and obtain the metal. Due to the excessive heating, the metals lose their oxygen compound and are reduced. In this way, the carbon gets the oxygen and as a result, is oxidized.  

  1. The second method is called Electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process of breaking the substances containing ions with the help of the electric current. Ions can also be broken with the help of water. The ions are dissolved in water and the solution obtained is called an electrolyte. 

  1. The third method is reducing the metal and extracting it with the help of another metal. In this method, the ore is transformed into chloride. The chloride is further reduced using other metal like sodium. Majorly the ore titanium is extracted to obtain the metal in this method. 

These are the major methods of extraction of metals from ores. Out of these, the first and the second method is highly used as the carbon is the reducing agent used for extracting and obtaining metals.  

Now, what is the crude metal meaning? The answer to this is already stated above. Crude metals are the metals that need some refinement, fabrication and polishing before entering the market. This is done so that they can be sold in the market. For this, the extraction of crude material is done to obtain the metal, thereby, refining them. This is done by the process of excessive heating which is also called roasting. The reducing agent carbon is used in the extraction process.    


How does the refining of crude metal take place? Refining is the process of elimination of the impurities from the metal to obtain the metal of the highest purity. Various methods are employed to release the metal from its impurities. Some of the methods are distillation, providing excessive heat to the ore to extract the metal, electrolysis, liquation and many more. Refining is the final stage in extracting and obtaining the metal which includes a chemical compound which makes the final product purer.     

Chemistry is one such subject that focuses on the extraction of metals through several processes. Students are often confused about how does the extraction of metals from ores class 10th takes place? as this topic is covered in class 10th as well. So, the answer to this is already mentioned above. There are various methods of extracting metal and purifying it.

Now, students must not get confused between the purifying and refining of metals. Purifying of metal is the process of making the metal purer than before by removing the impurities. On the other hand, refining is the final stage where a chemical compound is added in order to make the metal of the highest purity. Therefore, the extraction of crude material from the concentrated ore is an important topic and must be studied with full concentration and focus. 

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