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How to prepare for IIT- JEE from class 8th?

Updated on 22 January 2022
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Updated on 22 January 2022

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an exam conducted for gaining admission into top engineering colleges. There is a JEE – Mains and JEE Advanced exam to assess the students. Maths and science are the most important subjects for preparing for the exams as the majority of the concepts are covered from these subjects. This exam is given by the students who wish to pursue engineering as their career.

JEE Advanced exam is segregated into three sections i.e. the objective – type questions, the mathematical questions and the subjective – type questions. On the other hand, JEE Mains is divided into 2 parts i.e. the numericals and the MCQ questions. You can get admission to top colleges if you clear entrance examinations like AIEEE, IIT and many more.

 Let’s take a look at how to prepare for these exams right from class 8th.  

There are several IIT Questions for Class 8th that students need to prepare at the foundation level. There are various mock exams and quizzes available on various sites that the students can practice from in order to prepare for the exams. The subjects included in the foundation exam are physics, chemistry, biology and maths. 

Now, let’s take a look at the IIT Foundation syllabus for Class 8th. You can start preparing for the engineering exams from the secondary classes i.e. 8th, 9th and 10th. Below is the syllabus of the IIT Foundation exam for Class 8th. 

1. Physics:

  1. Kinematics
  2. Forces & Laws of Motion
  3. Work, Power & Energy
  4. Heat
  5. Light
  6. Waves & Sound
  7. Some Natural Phenomenon
  8. Stars & Solar System

2. Chemistry:

  1. Atoms & Molecules
  2. Coal & Petroleum
  3. Combustion & Flame
  4. Metals & Non – Metals
  5. Structure of the Atom
  6. Synthetic Fibres & Plastics
  7. Chemical effects of Current
  8. Pollution of Air & Water

3. Biology:

  1. Crop Production & Management
  2. Micro-Organisms
  3. Conservation of Plants & Animals
  4. Cell Structure & Functions
  5. Reproduction in Animals
  6. Reaching the age of Adolescence

4. Mathematics:

  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Exponents & Powers
  3. Squares & Square Roots
  4. Cubes & Cube Roots
  5. Linear Equation in One Variable
  6. Mensuration 
  7. Algebraic Expressions & Identities
  8. Comparing Quantities
  9. Playing with Numbers
  10. Statistics
  11. Factorization
  12. Factors & Multiples
  13. Speed, Time & Distance
  14. Practical Geometry
  15. Ratio & Proportion

This is the syllabus for the Class 8th IIT Foundation exam. It is advisable to the students to go through the syllabus so that they can list out the subjects they are weak in and the chapters that are time–consuming.

Now, let’s talk about the IIT JEE books for Class 8th. Books are important for the preparation for exams. Therefore, it is important to have the latest edition of each and every book that will be used for practicing for the exams. Apart from the NCERT books, below is the list of some of the reference books that you can use for practice. This will help in better preparation for the exams. 

  1. Pearson IIT Foundation Series Maths Class 8th 
  2. Pearson IIT Foundation Series Physics Class 8th 
  3. Pearson IIT Foundation Series Chemistry Class 8th 
  4. S. Chand IIT Foundation Mathematics Class VIII
  5. S. Chand IIT Foundation Science Class VIII
  6. R.D Sharma Mathematics Class 8th 

These are some of the books that you can refer to in order to prepare for the exams. Students often look for free online IIT coaching for Class 8th. Amidst the pandemic, everything has been made online. So, students look for sites that provide online lectures and notes. There are many sites that provide video lectures to the students.

These sites also have parental access. You just need to register for these sites and pay a particular amount. However, it cannot be said which sites are the best for coaching. But there are many sites where you can have online coaching. Some sites are free while others demand money. Thus, students as well as parents need to choose wisely before opting for any coaching class.  

How to Prepare for IIT from Class 9th?

Well, the best time to begin studying for IIT is from Class 10th. But you can still begin from Class 8th or 9th as that might be helpful in preparing for the exams. However, to crack this exam on the first attempt, you need to know some preparation strategies. 

1. Clear the Basics:

The NCERT books help in clearing 80% of the concepts. Therefore, you must clear your basics in order to prepare for the exams. Along with this, pay attention to what you learn from the classroom lectures as that might be very helpful. In case of any doubts, ask and consult your teachers.

2. Reference Material:

Take help from the reference books in case you have doubts regarding any particular topic or chapter. These books help in simplifying the difficult topics. Therefore, these books will help you in understanding the concepts and clearing your doubts.   

3. Time – Limit:

You must try to solve a particular problem or a sum within a given time duration as this will improve the speed while giving the exam. This will also result in improved efficiency and with this; you will be able to complete the exam on time. Thus, practice hard and try to solve the numerics within a given period of time.

4. Note Down:

There will be certain formulas and equations that you need to memorize. So, note down the formulas and equations separately in a notebook so that, at the time of revision no chaos is made. This will make your revision easier and will take less time as well. Therefore, note these important points and formulas in a separate notebook.  

5. Take short breaks:

There is no need to study for long hours, as that might result in exhaustion and frustration. Study for 1- 2 hours and then take a break for 10 – 15 minutes. This will refresh your mind and will result in improved concentration and focus. Thus, take short breaks in between study hours to refresh your mind.

These are some of the preparation strategies that you can undertake in order to prepare for the exams. Students often ponder over questions like important IIT Questions for Class 8th and how to prepare for this exam. This can be done by following the above–mentioned tips. You can start preparing for the IIT exam from Class 8th so that you understand the concepts and are able to crack the exam on the first attempt. Thus, you must prepare for the exam will full focus and concentration.  

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