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Bad effects of watching Television and playing video games

Updated on 22 January 2021
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Updated on 22 January 2021

Television and Video Games have become an important part of a kid’s life. Children are always seen fidgeting on mobile phones, watching television or playing video games. Well, both TV and video games have their benefits and ill – effects. Therefore, parents need to maintain a balance between the two. 

It is seen that students of Class 8th and others have inculcated the bad habit of watching TV all the time. Such students are not able to concentrate on their studies and neither are they able to prepare for the exams. Now, let us look at the negative effects of watching television on children.   

Negative Effects of Watching TV

It is okay to watch television sometimes, but not all the time. It can be harmful for health. Below are some of the ill – effects of watching television that the students must keep in mind.

1. There is a correlation between obesity and watching TV. When children sit for a prolonged time in front of the television, they are bound to get obese. If a child has become obese or so, then you need to work-out and do other physical exercises on a daily basis. Obesity brings in a lot of diseases including diabetes, BP, inability to control body weight etc.       

2. Watching television excessively results in reduced sleep and behaviour problems. Due to these problems, students are not able to concentrate on their studies, thereby resulting in lesser grades.

3. Children sometimes watch violent acts or play such games which results in inculcating aggressive behaviour among them. 

4. Many heart diseases are associated with watching television. Sitting in front of the television results in eating more which makes a person obese and prone to heart diseases.

5. Some negative effects of television on children is seen when a child is not able to concentrate on his / her studies. The focus is somewhere lost and the student is not able to achieve good marks in the term examinations. 

6. Many studies and sources show that when a student watches television or plays video games before the age of 17 – 18 years, then he / she is bound to have difficulties in developing language skills, reading skills etc. a child can also develop short term memory loss disease as well. 

7. Watching TV results in children being less creative and less imaginative which can have bad consequences in the future.

8. Students will not be able to socialize much within family or friends if they will be sitting in front of the television the whole time. 

9. A child automatically becomes unproductive if he/she doesn’t go out, socialize and continuously be on mobile phones or watching TV. 

These are some of the effects of television on child development. Students of classes 8th to 12th must realize that studying is equally important. If they will be on television the whole day or play video games then it will be very difficult for them to qualify the exams. The reduced concentration will have negative effects on the curricular studies. Thus, students need to maintain a balance between watching TV and studying. 

Now, people often ponder over the fact that what are good and bad effects of television? Well, the negative effects are listed above. Apart from that, the positive effects of television are listed below.

  1. Television helps the kids in being updated. Children who watch news channels are always updated about what is going on in the country or anywhere else. 

  1. Television inculcates a sense of emotionality among children. 

  1. Documentaries can help the students in knowing about the culture and heritage of a particular state or country. 

  1. Students are exposed to new music, movies and short films with the help of television. This helps them in knowing the origin of movies or music (country or town; Hollywood music).

  1. Watching critical documentaries or films instigates a sense of critical thinking and brainstorming among students.

  1. Watching art channels can help children in being creative and productive. 

These are some of the positive and good effects of watching TV. Watching television and playing video games for short intervals of time can be productive. Students need to keep in mind that they must not sit for long hours in front of the TV as that can have a bad impact on the eyesight as well. 

Children must take care of themselves as there are many negative effects of watching television on brain. Students become less focused and there is the loss of concentration. Students are not able to inculcate interest in the studies. Moreover, they are not able to prepare for the exams as well which results in low grades. Parents as well as students must learn to maintain a balance between studies and watching television. Thus, in order to avoid diseases, students must learn to limit the use of watching TV or playing video games.

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