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The importance of Reading Books in a Student's life

Updated on 22 January 2021
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Updated on 22 January 2021

Reading is an important habit which should be inculcated among the students. If a child starts reading from a young age, then they develop good vocabulary and reading skills. These skills will help the students in the near future. A student can be a good orator and can have a career in media and journalism and much more.

Students can inculcate the habit of reading by beginning with short poems or stories. This will generate interest within the students and they will read more which will result in good reading and communication skills. Below are some of the benefits of reading books for students.

Benefits of Reading Books

There are many benefits of reading. Book or newspaper reading enhances the vocabulary which can have positive effects in the future. Some of the benefits are listed below.

1. Reading helps in strengthening the brain. This leads to a good memory and improved concentration.

2. Reading makes the students more empathetic toward life’s situations and challenges. They become more open-minded towards life and helps in developing a new perspective and opinions.

3. Book reading enhances vocabulary. Students can develop excellent vocabulary and reading skills if they read on a daily basis. 

4. Reading increases cognitive skills which enhances memory.

5. Reading also helps in reducing the stress levels by 68% which results in improved sleep. As the sleep cycle improves, students are able to focus on the studies. 

6. Books offer a new world to the students which helps in reducing depression and anxiety.

7. The knowledge increases with reading books. Students develop excellent writing skills which help them in the near future.

8. Students inculcate good imaginative skills which makes them creative.

These are some of the points which depict the importance of reading books. Reading makes us better communicators which are required in every field when we go for higher studies. Book – reading improves our knowledge and vocabulary and leads to better reading and writing skills. You can learn new languages and know about different cultures through books. Thus, book reading is essential and students must start reading from Class 8th. 

Scientific Benefits of Reading

We witnessed the benefits and importance of reading in the above section. Now, let us look at the scientific benefits of reading which can improve our health. 

  1. Reading helps in strengthening the brain cells which leads to excellent memory and concentration.

  1. Reading helps in increasing mental health. According to some sources, the mental health among elderly people aged from 30 – 50 years increases by 32%. 

  1. Memorizing power increases with reading books as students have to remember the main plot, sub-plot, the characters and much more.

  1. There is improvement among the patients suffering from grave diseases. Depression can prove to be a deadly ailment. In the case of depression, self – help books can be read by the people. This will provide motivation and they will have a positive approach towards life. Thus, reading helps in fighting depression. 

  1. It is always advised to read in an offline mode as this improves the sleep cycle. Students who read via mobile phones or tablets have a distorted sleep cycle. Thus, students must always read through paperback or hardcover edition books.  

  1. Students who read books have less chance of getting attacked by Alzheimer’s syndrome as the memory improves with reading. 

  1. Students who read books from a young age are able to grasp difficult concepts with ease. Thus, they can study in a very well way under a formal education provided in schools. 

Books are an important part of a student’s life. Books offer a new perception to the students which help them later in life. Class 8th students can inculcate the habit of reading by beginning with authors like Ruskin Bond or Arundhati Roy.

They can also read poems and short stories that will develop their interest in reading. Then the students can move on to some novels or other books. Children must try to read every genre be it romantic, horror, comedy, fiction, non – fiction, scientific – fiction or anything. This will improve their knowledge and will also enhance their vocabulary. Thus, students must try to inculcate the habit of reading from a very young age as there are many benefits of reading for students that will help them in becoming more empathic towards life’s situations.      

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