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Benefits of Hobbies and Extra-Curricular Activities for students

Updated on 22 January 2021
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Updated on 22 January 2021

Extra–curricular activities are defined as the activities that the students do formally as in the school. Extra–curricular activities can somewhat be considered as the hobbies which interest the students. These activities often take place in schools or other institutions and include painting, drawing, guitar lessons which the student can further pursue as a full-fledged career.

On the other hand, hobbies are the activities which the kids do as per their choice and will. Hobbies can include singing, dancing, sketching, painting, etc. Thus, hobbies and extra–curricular activities are almost the same but they differ in some aspects.   

Hobbies and Extra–Curricular Activities in Résumé 

Students are often confused as to what they should include in their resume in the hobbies and activities section. First of all, it is very important to know what you should add to your resume. The information that you provide must be authentic. Secondly, you must follow a proper and updated format while making a resume. Do not add unnecessary things as that might not be fruitful. 

You must include hobbies like painting, sketching, social work and much more. You can include Extra–Curricular Activities like:

  1. Foreign Languages: Languages like French, German and Spanish provide a boost to your resume and it might help you in providing better job options. 

  1. Clubs / Committees: If you have joined any club in schools or colleges then you must write it in your resume. For instance, if you have joined a poetry club or a theatre club then, it can help you in getting good job opportunities. You can further become an actor or a writer. You can also get the job as an editor or so. Therefore, joining clubs and committees can be helpful. 

  1. Social work: If you have ever worked for an NGO or are associated with an orphanage or any government institution, then it might be helpful. Volunteering for anything in any field can help you in the near future while searching for jobs or going for higher studies.

  1. Sports: Being involved in some sports in school can be helpful. Sports teach us leadership skills, teamwork, work ethics, dedication and much more. These skills can further be helpful when you go for higher studies or a job. These are the skills that recruiters want in you. Therefore, you must indulge in sports which will help you in developing such skills.  

These are some of the skills and things that you must add to your resume to make an impression on the recruiters. Engagement in such hobbies and extra – curricular activities can help you in getting better job opportunities. 

Now, let us take a look at some of the extra–curricular activities in school. Well in school, students learn new things along with academics. Various competitions are organized in school so that the students can take part in them and develop certain skills like leadership skills, sportsmanship, teamwork and much more. Some of the extra-curricular activities are already listed above. There are some other activities which help the students in learning different things in school. 

  1. Debate Competitions: Various debate competitions are organized by the schools that can help the students in developing communication skills. Communication skills are very important. Students can further be good orators or readers in the particular field that they choose.  

  1. Poetry: Students can take part in various poetry and prose competitions which can further be published in the school or college magazine. This can help in boosting up your career as you can become a writer or work as an Editor – in – Chief for a newspaper or a magazine. 

The above–mentioned activities can be added to your resume to give it a boost. This will result in a promising career. Extra–curricular activities in schools can help you in developing various skills which will help you in the near future.  

Online Extra–Curricular Activities

Amidst the pandemic, everything has turned online. From classes to hobbies, everything has been online. Now, let us take a look at some of the online extra–curricular activities that the students undertake. 

1. Online Classes: You can begin your online classes and help the students of other classes in teaching various concepts. Online classes can prove to be a good extra–curricular activity as you also get to learn various new things alongside teaching.

2. Music Classes: if you are good at playing any instrument, then you can begin your own online music classes. Music is considered as a way of connecting with people. You can also make a musical group and post several videos too. Therefore, online music classes can be quite helpful during the pandemic.

3. Workout Tutorials: If you are a fitness freak, then you can teach the population via the internet about various physical forces and fitness mantras. You can help the people in learning about various exercises which might be helpful as the fitness must be maintained at all costs.  

4. Stock Market & Online Business: Working from home can be quite tiring sometimes. So, you can learn online trading and invest in the stock market. In this way, you will learn a few things about the stock market which will help you in the near future if you are willing to invest or start an online business.  

These are some of the online activities that you can undertake while you are at home. These online classes can help with both personal and career development.

These are some of the extra–curricular activity ideas that you can follow. Others might include some makeup – tutorials and others which can help you in being busy. Hobbies and extra–curricular activities can help in getting better job opportunities. You can add such activities to your resume and make your profile strong. Thus, hobbies and extra–curricular activities can help you in developing various skills that might be helpful in the future.  

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