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Photography and its Advantages

Updated on 22 January 2021
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Updated on 22 January 2021

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”

                                                                                                          - Alfred Stieglitz

So, what is photography? Photography is defined as the skill of clicking pictures thereby bringing them to reality. There are many kinds of photographers i.e. the nature photographer, fashion photographer, wildlife photographer and much more. It is good to have photography as a hobby as it can be further transformed into a full–fledged career.

Importance of Photography

Photography is a good hobby to inculcate and further transform it into a promising career. But before that let us know why photography is important and what you can learn from it.

1. Memories: Photographs serve as memories for the time that has passed. People cherish the forgotten memories with the help of photographs. Thus, you must take pictures of the things that hold some importance in your life.

2. Historical Effect: Many pictures depict the history of a particular period of time. For instance, you can witness the childhood of your parents or grandparents through the pictures. Photographs carry some important historical effects which can help you in learning about various events that happened in the past.

3. Photographic Stories: Photographs are nothing but stories created to cherish for a lifetime. Many students who pursue photography as a course are needed to maintain a portfolio in which the students create stories by combining different photographs.   


4. Emotional Attachment: People have emotional attachments to the photographs. They cherish the times of being with their loved ones who are not around presently. Thus, people attach different emotions to the photographs. 

These are some of the points that depict the importance of photography in both personal and professional life.  

Advantages of Photographs

Along with the above-mentioned points, there are some other key points that depict the advantages of having photography as a profession or a hobby.

  1. Photography helps in documenting the journey of an individual. You can depict your own life story or somebody else’s with the help of photographs. 

  1. Photography adds to the imagination of the students i.e. students can learn how to make the photographs come real by adding a touch of their imagination thereby making it more real than reality.

  1. If you are stressed about something, then you must do some photography. Photography is considered to be an amazing stress reliever that will enhance your photography skills thereby, reducing the stress.

  1. A promising career can be made out of photography if a student is passionate about it. You will be needing intense training if you want to have photography as your career.

These are some of the advantages of photography. Photography makes you a creative being and enhances your skills. You learn about nature, wildlife, some of the lives of famous people and much more through photography. Therefore, photography can give you a promising career. 

Benefits of Professional Photography

There are many benefits related to photography. You can consider the above-mentioned points as some of the benefits of photography. The rest are listed below. 

1. Having a DSLR camera can help you with professional photography. You can make your portfolio that you can present at various platforms in several competitions. 

2. You can put your best foot forward in these competitions. If you win any photography competitions, then your career begins then and there. You can collaborate with models thereby, boosting your career. 

3. Photography as a hobby or as a career is hassle-free. No chaos is made out of this profession.

The above-mentioned key points can also be considered as the benefits of photography for students. In terms of courses, there are several courses related to photography that the students can pursue to have a career in it. Below are some of the courses in photography.

1. Undergraduate Courses

  1. BA Photography
  2. BA in Visual Arts and Photography
  3. BFA Photography
  4. B.Sc. in Photography and Video Visual Production
  5. B.Sc. in Photography and Cinematography

2. Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Digital Photography
  2. PG Diploma in Photography
  3. Diploma in Fashion Photography
  4. Diploma in Professional Photojournalism
  5. Diploma in Photography and Cinematography
  6. Diploma in Advertising and Commercial Photography
  7. Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging
  8. Diploma in Digital Cinematography

3. Certificate Courses

  1. Digital Photography
  2. Fashion and People Photography
  3. Commercial Photography
  4. Photography and Image Editing

4. Specialization Courses

  1. Fashion Photography
  2. Fashion and People Photography
  3. Product Photography
  4. Business & Industrial Photography
  5. Nature and Landscape Photography
  6. Wildlife Photography
  7. Event Photography
  8. Fine Art Photography
  9. Automobile Photography

These are all the courses under the photography course. Apart from the positive effects, there are photography disadvantages as well. Let us take a look at them.

  1. Firstly, the cameras are not cheap. You need to buy professional cameras if you want photography as a career. These gadgets cannot be afforded by everyone which is one of the disadvantages of photography.    

  1. There is no guaranteed income under this profession. You need to participate in various photography competitions to have a career in photography. It can take time to have a stable income in photography.

  1. There are too many functions in equipment related to photography and students might not be able to learn everything. The learning can take time as well.

  1. Computer skills are required to do photography. Students need to do a combined course including computer and photography both. Thus, the course completion takes time at first followed by turning it into a profession.  

Photography is a good profession to follow. People begin this with a hobby, gradually transforming it into a full-fledged profession. There are more advantages of photographs than disadvantages. Students can take up the courses mentioned above and give themselves a promising career. Photographs depict a way of life. So, we must always keep clicking photographs. Therefore, photography can give students a stable career if they are truly passionate about it. 

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