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Easy Essay topics suggestions for class 7 students

Updated on 28 January 2022
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Updated on 28 January 2022

The secondary sections i.e. classes 6th – 10th are the classes where students explore their interests, develop new ideas and try to choose a career in various fields. These classes serve as the base for students to inculcate new interests and habits. Now, English is one subject that is considered neither difficult nor easy. Students prepare for the grammar part and the comprehension part.

In the comprehension part, students usually get a letter or an essay to write which they might find difficult. This happens because the student is not prepared. Any article or an essay can be given in the exam. Therefore, students must be prepared with some of the topics that they feel might come in the exam. We are providing an essay topic list for students so that they can prepare for their exams easily.

Essay topics for Class 7th 

It is important to be prepared for any essay that will be provided in the exam. The comprehensive section accounts for 15 – 20 marks in the exam. Out of this the essay can be of 8 – 10 marks. Rest is the weightage of the letter or an article. Below is the list of some of the essay topics that class 7th students can understand and memorize.

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Mother Teresa
  4. APJ Abdul Kalam
  5. A Rainy Day
  6. A Morning Walk
  7. Computer
  8. Effects of Television on Youth
  9. Our National Flower Lotus
  10. Ganga 
  11. Discipline
  12. My Best Friend
  13. A Visit to a Zoo
  14. A Visit to a Historical Place: Taj Mahal
  15. A Visit to a Hill Station
  16. My First Day at School
  17. My Favourite Book
  18. An Ideal Student
  19. Happiest Momemt in my Life
  20. Independence Day
  21. Republic Day
  22. Holi
  23. Christmas
  24. Health is Wealth
  25. The Day I will never forget in my Life

The above list covers almost all the topics that might come in the exam for the students of class 7th. These are the essay topics for 7th grade in English. Now let us take a look at some of the Hindi essay topics as well. Students need to be prepared for everything.

  1. Paropkar
  2. Greeshm ritu
  3. Chota Parivar - Sukhi Parivar
  4. Samaj Sewa
  5. Ekta hi Bal Hai
  6. Vigyaan 
  7. Gandhi Jayanti 
  8. Rakshabandhan 
  9. Diwali 
  10. Pradushan 

These are some of the Hindi essays that you can consider for the Hindi exam. Students must go through these essays and understand them. Further if you wish, you can memorize them. 

Essay Topics for College Students

College students are given the topics which will have an impact on society. Students will learn to take care of the environment and society. Below are some of the essay topics for college students.

  1. Should plastic be banned?
  2. Pollution due to Urbanization 
  3. Education should be free
  4. Should students get limited access to the Internet?
  5. Selling Tobacco should be banned
  6. Is Facebook safe?
  7. Should students be allowed to play PUBG? 
  8. Faith Lost and Faith Found
  9. Lessons from my Pilgrimage to Mecca
  10. Animals and the Environment
  11. My Self – Proclaimed Identity
  12. Travelling

These are some of the essay writing topics in English that students can write about to bring a change in the mindset of people. Before beginning the essay, students must see that the topic is of which genre. 

Analyse the topic first and write some quotes given by an author. You need to focus on the body of the essay and not the introduction. Make an outline of the title and then write the essay. The content must be authentic. Students must not try to overwrite i.e. exceeding the word limit thereby, making it chaotic. In the end, conclude your essay again with a quote. 

Students have to prepare efficiently for the exams. The other exams like science and mathematics include the numerical questions which you can practice and prepare. The comprehensive essays and articles in Hindi and English exams must be memorized. Students must be prepared for any topic that might come in the exam.

You can refer to the above-mentioned essay topic list to score good marks in the exams. The comprehensive section is the highest scoring part. Therefore, you must understand and memorize the maximum number of topics possible in order to score a good percentage in exams.  

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