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The Present Examination system in India

Updated on 28 January 2021
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Updated on 28 January 2021

Examinations are the most important part of a student’s life. The future of a student depends upon how they have performed in the examinations. Apart from the academic examinations, there are several entrance examinations that the students give in order to gain a good percentage or gain admission to top colleges and universities.  

Now, talking about the history of Indian examination system, education was provided to the males. By the time the feminist movement started in India, people started sending girls to schools to gain education too. The schools became co-ed with the coming ages. But till now, there are some areas in the rural sector where the schools are subjected to the education of boys.

According to some reports and sources, the present examination system in India requires some changes. Some students think that these examinations are not a complete test of their abilities. Some students are good at painting, some at sketching and some at several other activities as well. These examinations do not justify the interests of students as some might score average marks in exams but win various competitions organized in schools.

There are two kinds of tests i.e. oral and written. In primary classes i.e. classes nursery to 1st, the tests are taken orally as the students haven’t learnt to write. But from the first standard, students learn to write and the examinations conducted are in a written format. Examinations compel the students to learn and understand those subjects which they are not interested in. The examination system is said to be defective. 

Moreover, the students who are good in other subjects or activities are not encouraged to make it a full-fledged career. This is the examination system in school. No actions have been taken to mend the present examination system. One thing CBSE has done i.e. included novels in the syllabus which will inculcate reading habits among children. This is a good initiative but the burden has somewhat increased upon students.   

Limitations of present system of examinations

The present system of examination is quite defective. Students need changes in this system. But before that, let us look at the limitations of the examination system.

1. The education system as a whole is surrounded by examinations. Examinations have become a part of the student’s life. Students do not get time to inculcate new hobbies or interests because when one exam is finished, the other arises. 

2. The evaluation system includes organizing exams and providing grades. No other method of evaluation has been introduced by CBSE or any other exam conducting body. There is no uniformity in evaluation.

3. The examinations and tests are only useful for the present time. The chapters and topics memorized are useful for that particular time. They are not required in the long run if a student is not going for a particular course like science or maths. 

These are some of the limitations of the present system of examinations. Due to these limitations, students prefer a change in this system.  

There are some opinions of students on prevailing examination system. The students want the syllabus to be changed and other related changes like change in curriculum, organizing more extra-curricular activities etc. Some students say that in examinations, some use unfair means to qualify the exams. In order to pass these exams, students make chits, notes and employ various other cheating methods.

Some students say that the present education system does not encourage skill development among students. The learning system inculcated is not useful in practical life. The students wish to have some change in the education system to inculcate quality skills in all spheres.   

There is no ideal examination system in India. There are certain things that the students want. CBSE has taken some initiatives to reduce the burden that the students face. But still, students need some change. They need motivation and encouragement for the hobbies which they have inculcated. Some students wish to turn their hobbies into a profession but they do not get proper motivation and encouragement.

So, teachers must help the students on their part thereby helping the students and encouraging them to choose a career in whichever stream or course they like. Therefore, the present examination system must be changed.  

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