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What is the Importance of Vocational Education?

Updated on 28 January 2021
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Updated on 28 January 2021

Vocational Education can be defined as the education or training program that helps the learners and job seekers to gain jobs in manual or practical activities. These activities are non – academic. They are generally related to some occupation or trade. Vocational Education can also be called as a career and technical education. 

Now, what is the importance of vocational education? Well, this is a valid question but let’s first understand what is vocational education. Vocational education is aimed at changing the behavioral pattern of an individual. This leads to a better quality of life where individuals work with morality and values. The improvement in the standard of living of people can lead to national development. Vocational education also leads to a reduction in poverty which improves the economic status of the country. 

There are certain aims and objectives through which we can say that vocational education is very much important. Let us look at those aims and objectives. 

  1. The technical training provided in vocational education is required for agricultural, industrial and economic purposes and development.

  1. Vocational education serves as an introduction to various other technical subjects rather than what is included and offered in the engineering course.

  1. You can learn various technicalities thereby enhancing your knowledge.

  1. Various skills are inculcated within the individuals like crafting, creating, business strategies etc, which help them in becoming self–reliant. 

  1. The learners will gain some knowledge of sub–professional levels i.e. technology, commerce and applied science. 

  1. Do you know scientific knowledge can be used in solving environmental problems? Yes, in vocational education you can learn the scientific logics and apply them in saving the environment.

  1. Vocational education also includes changes in the educational system. The education system is restructured in vocational education thereby leading to better training and jobs in this sector. 

These are some of the key points relating to the importance of vocational training for career development. It is a life and need-based education that helps the individuals in having a good standard of living. Students learn various new things about life and technical areas. Thus, vocational education must be taken up by the students apart from the academic studies. 

Benefits of Vocational Education

Now, let us look at some benefits of vocational education that helps the students in understanding and having better standards of living. This additionally leads the individuals in learning some concepts that might be beneficial for them in the long run.

1. Through vocational education, students have a vivid learning experience. People learn to turn their hobbies into professions thereby making a good sum of money. 

2. Various skills are learnt and acquired by the individuals in vocational education which help them to understand different concepts. In this way, the students do not feel that he/she is learning something vague or unimportant. Vocational studies are equal to academic studies. 

3. Vocational studies open a wide variety of courses and opportunities of employment to the students. Students are specialized in a particular field that leads to better job opportunities as compared to the academic studies students. 

4. The individuals who take vocational education and training are likely to be more self–reliant than other students who apply for regular courses. The job opportunities in regular courses are few as compared to the vocational courses. 

5. Vocational education can prove to be a great asset to the country. Students can be specialized as technicians, craftsmen etc which will improve the economic status of the country. 

6. Vocational education has a field called manual work which requires labour work. This helps in making the individuals fit and active thereby leading to healthy standards of living.

7. Many vocational courses are applicable in India as well as foreign countries. Thus, many employment opportunities are available to students who have applied for vocational education and training.

These are some of the benefits through which you can understand why vocational education is equally important to academic education. now, let us look at some of the vocational courses.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Training
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Photography
  4. Fashion Designing
  5. Beauty Courses
  6. Foreign Languages
  7. Catering Services
  8. Marketing & Advertising

These are some of the top vocational courses that the students can apply to. Students can turn their hobbies into professions thereby, earning a good sum of money. This can be done by vocational courses. The importance of vocational courses is given above. Thus, students must make wise choices regarding their career thereby, choosing vocational education and training.   

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