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A World free from Wars

Updated on 28 January 2021
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Updated on 28 January 2021

Have you ever wondered, what should a world without war be like? Peaceful, right? Peace and harmony prevail when there is no war. Wars make a country or a nation destroyed. Due to the wars and destruction, people are deprived of love and harmony. They look for kindness and love. 

Apart from the wars, there are many immoral acts that take place in countries like child marriage, child poverty, human trafficking and much more. These are the inside wars that the nations have to fight. Outrageous wars among countries are seen at the forefront but these inside immoral acts are not witnessed by all. Therefore, it is time to say no to war and heinous acts.

Now, let us focus on how it all started. ‘Free World’ is an agenda term that was used during the cold war from 1945 – 1992 and this was the time when people wished to be independent and served with love. During World War II, the Axis Powers were on the verge to destroy several nations. Axis Powers is associated with the United States. The US waged a war against other countries which led to death and destruction.

The Third World countries (countries apart from the US) were said to be free at this point of time. Third World Countries are the ones that have no formal alliance with the United States. The quest for finding a world without wars started during the Second World War. The history of people fighting for free, independent nations and a world without war is quite huge. 

Whenever we think of a peaceful world, we find ourselves immersed in the things we like or doing the things that pleases us. A world free from wars is a charming notion, but is it possible?

Over time, we have seen some attacks from various nations. For instance, India has witnessed some terrorist attacks from Pakistan. These attacks have led to disharmony among both nations. And now the times have turned worse as both the nations are on the verge of war which is a matter of grave concern. 

The nations who wish to wage a war do not know that wars always have more negative consequences than positive ones. Wars lead to mass destruction and have long term effects on the economy of the country. Wars lead to political instabilities, disrupted social order and much more. The emotional and physical consequences of wars include:

  1. Death 
  2. Injury
  3. Sexual Violence
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Illness
  6. Disability
  7. Post – Traumatic Stress Disorder
  8. Depression
  9. Anxiety
  10. Panic Attacks

These are some of the consequences of wars that make people long for a peaceful and healthy world. The above–mentioned consequences are very few. Wars have an elongated effect on the lives of people who have suffered the most from them. 

Wars have become more horrible with growing civilization. Science and Wars go hand in hand. With the advancement in science, the gun powder was invented. Guns and Cannons were used in the earlier times to fight. When aeroplanes were invented, wars became more terrible, thereby taking a toll on people’s lives.  

Modern Science has made the situation much worse. People now have access to dangerous weapons like guns, acids and many things that have the potential to destroy somebody else’s life. Even after the nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, humans have not learnt their lesson. 

Today the nuclear weapons which are made are a thousand times more deadly than the earlier bomb inventions. Now, we see bombs everywhere i.e. on land, in water and in the sky. We are surrounded by these dangerous man–made materials.

We know that Russia, the USA and other countries have huge stockpiles of nuclear warheads and they can attack when the situation demands. It is impossible to have a world without war because every now and then we see or hear things that aggravates us and as a nation, we get ready to fight. 

Both internally and externally, wars have negative consequences. At the forefront, one witnesses the destruction and bloodshed caused due to these wars. At the inside level, a nation suffers from economic imbalance, political instabilities, diseases, disabilities, disruption of law and social order and much more.

It is high time that we take a step and vow to never wage a war. Peace without war is possible. Peace is one thing that all nations strive for. Let us try to make this existing world a place where peace prevails i.e. that is free from wars. The salvation of mankind lies in the fact that wars must be avoided at any cost. Wars bring destruction, not peace. Peace and harmony prevails when wars are not there. Thus, wars must not be the solution for anything.     

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