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Advantages & Disadvantages of Science and Technology

Updated on 28 January 2021
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Updated on 28 January 2021

What is Science and how it can be useful? Many people ask this question. The students who wish to apply for courses in science, need to know the answers to such questions. Science is an important part of a student’s life till Class 10th. Classes 1st to 10th have science as a core subject. And science is considered as one of the difficult subjects which include theory and practical applications.  

Science is applicable in everyday life in everything. Be it studies, or working on some machine that includes practical applications of science. There are many advantages of science that individual experiences in his/her day-to-day life. Science has made difficult things easy for people. Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology are the subjects included in science. All these subjects are practical based and include several theories, equations etc. 

Advantages of Science

There are many advantages associated with science. The logics and theories of science are applicable in everyday life. A lot of problems can be solved with the help of science.

1. Science makes our lives easier. Science has all the solutions for the questions that a human can ask. 

2. Science helps us in organizing our daily activities. Ranging from making a time–table for studies to setting alarms for meetings and daily routine, science has it all covered up. People are at ease as they do not have to remember about meetings. Reminders are of great help in this. 

3. The work can be done at a faster pace. Science has helped us in a way that we can complete our work in less time. For instance, letters were sent to far off places and it took months to deliver the letter. So E-Mails were invented that made it easier for the letters to reach. Now, we can sit in front of our laptop and send an E-Mail or fax to our loved one in just a nick of time. 

4. Science results in better communication. For instance, mobile phones and satellite phones were invented with the advancement in science. Mobile phones have connected us with our loved ones in an easier way. We can now video call or text our loved ones, whenever we like. Science has made communication better and far more effective. 

5. Science helps in monitoring our health and providing cures for our diseases thereby leading to a healthy life. People do yoga that keeps them healthy which has scientific logic.   

6. We can easily have access to information through science and technology. Technology has made it easier to look into any kind of information. This saves time and enhances the knowledge of the people.

The above – mentioned points can be considered the advantages of science and technology as well. Technology has made our lives easier and this can be seen with the points stated above.  

Disadvantages of Science

In addition to the above–mentioned positive key points, there are some disadvantages of science too. Science is based on facts and contains systematic knowledge. Now let us look at some of the disadvantages.

1. Science and technology are easily handled. Therefore, irresponsible people can take undue advantage of the access to information provided to them. 

2. Individuals tend to be dependent on science and technology as they are just a click away. So in case any of them fails, individuals might feel helpless. For instance, if you have to mail something urgently and have network issues, then you are bound to feel helpless. 

3. A person who is on the phone or laptop all the time is bound to have diseases like obesity and other heart problems. If you have to take care of yourself, then practice some yoga and do some exercises thereby, living a healthy life. 

4. We are always on the online sites that we have created like on Facebook or Instagram to distract ourselves. But these apps invade our lives in a negative way. People tend to be on their phones all the time that leads to negative consequences. 

No doubt, science and technology have helped us immensely but they have some ill–effects too. The above – mentioned points can also be considered as some of the disadvantages of science and technology.         

Science and technology are very helpful. They make our lives easier and help us in solving everyday problems. The discovery of mechanization, irrigation techniques, railways, motor vehicles are all included in science and technology. Thus, the advantages of science and technology are more as compared to the disadvantages.

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