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Role of Women in Society today

Updated on 28 January 2021
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Updated on 28 January 2021

What comes to your mind when you think about women? A woman is nature and a nurturer both. A woman plays the role of a mother, a sister etc. Over some time, the place of women has changed within society. The role of women in society is constantly changing. Women apart from playing domestic roles are growing and are playing an important role in the economic growth of the nation.

Women are homemakers, caretakers, farmers, educators and successful entrepreneurs. Women are more stable than before which leads to long–term development of the nation. Women as homemakers play an important role in decision–making for the family in terms of meals, diet, exercises and almost everything. 

Women as educators make society literate. According to some reports, education has helped in increasing agricultural productivity. Women being teachers have resulted in enhancing the status of girls in society, helps in reducing population growth and raise the standard of living of people.      

The women workforce accounts for 45.4% globally. Women in rural India are small entrepreneurs thereby making the society autonomous. Despite many obstacles in their way, women have managed to be successful in being independent. 

Women volunteering for the global cause help in generating awareness among the nations about the topic that need dire attention. Women too help the family in adjusting to realities and challenges. Women play different roles in society. The position of women in society varies due to the roles they play. Let us understand this further with the help of some key points.

  1. Women have always been looked at as a homemaker.
  2. They have played different roles depending upon their age.
  3. Whenever there has been a crisis or a sudden change, women have always stood up to help and assist.
  4. In India, Raja Ram Mohan Roy started a movement to redeem the honour of women who were subjugated and oppressed.
  5. After the Second World War, there had been major changes in the education system i.e. more schools were made and the girls were encouraged to study.

Women have an important place and play an important role in society. But gradually the role of women has been changing i.e. they are being independent and happy. The changing role of women has been discussed further.  

How has women’s role in society changed?

People often wonder about that. Women are now getting in power in rural areas. They are small entrepreneurs who are independent in their own concerns. Education too has played an important role in making women independent and confident. Women are no longer dependent on men for their lives.


In the corporate sector too, the business laws have been restructured that allow more women at the workplace. The companies have made changes in various departments too so that women can work in a safe and comfortable environment.

Women can now raise their voice for the things and the acts that they think are immoral. Families are no more male-dominated. We have seen many instances where a woman has stood up against domestic violence and mental torcher related to dowry. Even in the workplace, women are seen fighting against sexual abuse and equality. Thus, the society is no more male-dominated. 

Women are no more child-bearers i.e. the women bear less number of children than they used to. Now, families have one or two kids. Women get to decide when and at what age they want children.

This is the women’s role in society past and present. In the past women suffered for various reasons and they did not speak if any heinous act was committed with them. But now they can raise their voice against the immoral acts committed in the workplace, family or educational institution. 

Women’s contribution to the development of society can be seen through the roles that they play. Women are caretakers, farmers, educators and much more. According to a survey report of 2004, women as educators play an important role in making society literate that further leads to an efficient workforce in the future. The contribution of women has been listed above in the article.  

Society too is accepting women in a changing role. From being in the kitchen as home keepers and caretakers, women have come a long way in being more successful than men. Women have proved that they can handle both personal and public affairs efficiently i.e. they can multi-task. 

The role of women in modern society is vivid and wide. They are not subjected to one profession. They are learning and growing at a rapid rate. Educated women will automatically help in stabilizing the economy of the country. Thus, the growth of a woman is equal to the growth of the nation.    

In order to write an essay on the role of women in society, Class 7th students must understand the importance of a woman. Then, they must understand and memorize the key points mentioned above. Once they understand the importance of women in society, it wouldn’t be difficult to write on this topic. Thus, it is important to know about the place of women in society to write an essay on it.

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