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Computer and its Role in our daily life

Updated on 28 January 2021
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Updated on 28 January 2021

What is a computer? Have you ever wondered that an electronic device that we use in ignorance has so many features and characteristics? Have you ever thought of the importance that a computer holds in an individual’s life? Let us begin from the scratch. A computer is an electronic device that is used for storing and processing data. The language that the computer uses is called a binary language. 

Through this language (variable form) the computer understands the commands given by an individual. So now, what is the role of computers in modern life? A computer is a complex machine; more of an electronic brain per se. They make the difficult things easy be it calculations, thesis papers, saving and deleting commands and much more. A computer is much more than we think or assume. 

Computers are modern calculators that are fast-paced. Computers have an integral role to play in our lives. But these computers have both positive and negative roles. Well, in a positive way, they solve a lot of problems that occur in our day-to-day lives. On the other hand, they help in organizing the data and information so that it can be used in the future. 

Computers make access to information much easier and communication efficient. In terms of education, computers have opened infinite resources for learning. They have made education flexible and easier. 

In negative terms, computers have broken social interaction with friends and family. Computers have a lot more to offer but they obstruct the personal relationships of a person. An individual can suffer from depression, anxiety and various health issues like obesity which further lead to chronic diseases like diabetes. This is the impact of computers on our daily life thereby, having both positive and negative effects. 

Computers are helpful in enormous ways like helping us from corporate sectors to the educational sectors. Let us further understand the importance of computers in points

1. Computers increase the productivity rate of an Individual. For instance, with the help of computers, we can now do more work in a relatively less amount of time. In this way, the productivity increases and the burden decreases.

2. Computers connect you to the internet and you have access to all kinds of information. The internet is a whole new world. Students can now have access to infinite sites where they can get educational material like notes, online classes etc. 

3. A computer helps in a better organization of the data. For instance, there is a separate section for music, videos, drives etc so that it becomes easier to find anything on the computer.           

4. While operating a computer, you yourself learn many operations that a computer carries out. You learn and understand the language of the computer and the way how the computers carry out commands. It will be beneficial for you as you can further study computer applications and have a job in the IT sector if you understand computers well.

5. Well, computers if used wisely can help in tremendous ways. You can make money by working on computers. For instance, you can open your YouTube channel and upload daily videos relating to education, skin regime etc. you can also make your own blog and write certain self-composed poems or short stories. While the viewership increases, you can earn money through that.   

These are some of the points that depict the importance of computers in today’s world. Computers help us in both professional and personal lives. The above-mentioned key points depict the positive effects of computers.

While computers are helpful in today’s world, it would be interesting to know their importance in the future as well. The machines are upgrading in the present scenario and so is the work of an individual. These updated machines will help the individuals in doing more work in less amount of time. 

For instance, in 1985, Microsoft Windows 1.0 was launched. And it has come a long way as we now have Windows 10. In the future, who knows we can have a version of Windows 13 or 14! 

Computers, Laptops, Mobile phones etc will be launched with new technologies and operating systems in the near future. This will help in reducing the burden that students or the employees suffer from. Computers will be an important part of our lives as the major work will be done by them. Ranging from corporate tasks to daily routine tasks; all will be done by artificial intelligence. This will be the importance of computers in our future life.     


In order to write importance of computer essay, students must focus on the positive and negative impacts of the computer. Focus on the above key points that are mentioned in this article. The students must also focus on why computers are used, what will be the benefits of computers in future and many more points like that. This article can account for 5 – 8 marks so students are advised to prepare accordingly.  

Computers are an important part of our lives. Many issues can be solved with the help of computers. The importance and the role of computers in modern life can be seen with the above-mentioned points in the article. Computers have both positive and negative impacts. Therefore, computers must be used wisely as misusing the information or data can land you up in grave troubles. 

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