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Value of Discipline in a student's life

Updated on 28 January 2021
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Updated on 28 January 2021

What is Discipline? This term has been often heard by our parents and teachers. Discipline is a habit and a manner that is inculcated among individuals right from childhood. This habit is inculcated among the students while they are in school or college. Students learn to obey rules and follow a certain code of conduct. 

Discipline and Punctuality are the major traits that must be present in an individual. Students understand the value of discipline in life at a much later stage when they go for further education or a job. Well, the job requires a person to be fully dedicated to the company and work with discipline and punctuality.

In the corporate sector, it is the responsibility of the people working at a seniority level to maintain discipline among the employees and make the environment worthwhile. Now, talking about the student’s life, it is also important to know the value of discipline.

Discipline helps the students in being selective, punctual, focused and independent. Discipline means to exercise control over the students so that they can achieve their objectives. Students will know the right thing to do if they have inculcated discipline in them. 

In a student’s life, discipline becomes the guiding light that helps the students in being focused to achieve their goals. Both long–term and short–term goals will be attained by the students if they work hard with discipline. This is the value of discipline in a student’s life.

What is the importance of discipline in school? As we have already discussed above that the habit of discipline is inculcated among students right from childhood when they enter school. Students are taught to be disciplined in order to have a safe learning environment. 

Discipline includes skills, sensitivity, knowledge and self-confidence. When students practice discipline, they acquire these traits naturally. But if students are not disciplined, they will not be able to achieve their goals. For example, in the school premises, students are disciplined by their teachers. When students become disciplined and punctual, they efficiently carry out their exams and further studies which ultimately helps them score good marks in their exams. 

Discipline is an important trait that parents wish to inculcate in their children. So, parents try to exercise control over their children to make them disciplined. But one has to note that excessive exercise of power can result in bad rather than good. Let us understand the importance of discipline in points given below. 

  1. Discipline is one of the first lessons that we learn from our parents and then in school.
  2. Discipline helps us in achieving our short–term and long–term goals. 
  3. Discipline means living your life with proper rules.
  4. Our overall personality improves when we practice the habit of discipline.
  5. Discipline helps us in changing our conscience and mind. 
  6. People must practice self – discipline which includes acceptance, willpower, hard work and persistence. 
  7. When we practice discipline, several traits are automatically acquired by us. 
  8. With self–discipline we have the ability to control ourselves.

These are some of the important points on discipline that students need to know. Now, what if you are asked to write an essay on value of discipline for class 7th? Well, this topic can come in your English exam for 5 – 7 marks. It is not difficult to write an essay on this topic.

Students can refer to the above – mentioned key points for writing the essay. You can memorize this article to know about discipline and write an essay on this. In order to score good marks, understand and practice whatever is written above in daily life as well. Once you understand what discipline means; you will be able to write about it. 

You can undertake the same method for the value of discipline essay for Class 10th. It is important to practice discipline before you write about it. You will know the positive and negative effects of discipline. Then, you can write accordingly. 

In this article, we have seen the value of discipline in everyone’s life. Not only children or students but all of us need to inculcate the habit of discipline so that we can achieve our goals. But one has to note that excessive control is not good for anyone. Thus, discipline is an important trait that must be inculcated among people in a positive way.        

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