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Man vs Machine

Updated on 05 February 2021
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Updated on 05 February 2021

Man and Machine shared a long relationship for quite a long time now. Machines are the innovation of man but nowadays machines have taken over the huge number of roles that were managed by humans. Machines have started ruling over humans in recent times and from there Man vs Machine debate has been flared.

If we look up to the background of machines, Machines are the product of industrialization and modernization and man has created them to increase the speed of production and reduce manual labor. Thus the purpose of creating machines was to create a comfortable life where man does not have to do the minor work by himself. For this reason, the first machine invented by humans as 'the wheel' in 3500 BCE, was created to transport goods.

At that time no one imagined that a time would come when the machine would overtake humans. Nowadays machines can do every major to minor work which was previously managed by humans. With the advent of robots, the role of humans has faced a major setback as all the work is managed by robots and a time will come when humans will start losing their jobs.

Man Vs Machine Essay for Class 10th

The Man vs Machine Essay for class 10th students is quite popular as CBSE has asked for the essay in board exams every year. The students should get prepared for 2 marks, 5 marks or even 10 marks essay of Man Vs. machine in their exams. Below we have provided a full-fledged essay for class 10th. Along with this students can watch man vs machine movies to understand the concept more clearly. There are many movies on the internet based on Man vs machine.

Just like the creator of man is God in the same way creators of machines are humans. It is because of human intellect that helps him to create machines. Man is a social animal thus has feelings and emotions while machines only require power, force, or electricity to work. From telecommunication to technology to agriculture everything is dependent on machines nowadays. 

The wheel was the first invention of man while the latest invention was the robot. Machines such as tractors, balers, and plows have made it possible to increase production by many times and make the sowing and harvesting time much easier. The work which was particularly done by farmers before is managed by machine now and in this way, their lives have become smoother.

While in the industrial sector huge machines used for production, packaging, or transportation have cut the manual work to half. The effect of machines is huge in the industrial sector because only after the industrial revolution we have seen such a boom in the usage of machines. Production of goods requires many stages, earlier this was managed by workers as the industries were at a small scale. After the rise of large-scale industries, machines started taking the role of humans and are able to manage all minor as well as a big task.

Machines have reduced our unproductive time not only in the workplace but also at our homes. Devices like washing machines, ovens, fans, smartphones, laptops, etc., made life easier. This saves a lot of time for people which they started utilizing in some productive work.

Machines have innumerable benefits as it has eased the work of everyone by one way or the other but at the same time, it has some harmful effects also, Example- noise pollution, air pollution, etc. Other than these environmental effects machines have many negative effects on the human body also as the radiations emit from them cause serious diseases like cancer in humans.


Which is Better?

In the last few years, we have seen some intellectual battles between man vs machine which is better among the two. Sadly machines have come out as winners based on majority votes. But at the same time intellectuals also agreed that the significance of man cannot be completely ignored. The most common reason behind this is- it is humans only that have created machines with their intellect and not vice versa. Other than this there are many reasons why man is better than machines which we are listing below-

Humans have changing abilities while machines don't- Machines are designed to do only one task for example- washing machines are meant to wash clothes you cannot use them to store information if you want. On the other hand, the human brain can store multiple pieces of information at the same time.

Using common sense to solve new problems- Human brain can respond quickly even to a new situation and apply common sense in these situations whereas machines cannot use common sense in such situations. The AI will only work according to what is stored in them.

Creativity- AI programs can create images but making a work of art from scratch is something humans can do with their skills. When we create something from scratch there is a possibility that we can make multiple changes but AI doesn't allow this.

Empathy- Humans can feel emotions but machines like a robot cannot feel emotions or develop any no matter how much-advanced technology is involved in making robots.



Machines are the best companion of man nowadays but it cannot take over the role of humans. Thus saying that machines can rule over humans or vice versa would be wrong instead they need to go hand in hand. The best combination is Man+ Machines together as they are the best companions of each other. The long-run debate of Man Vs. The machine will still be there as advancement in technology will keep on tempting people but in reality, the skills humans possess cannot ever be taken by machines.

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