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How to Teach Mathematics to Class 6th Students?

Updated on 18 February 2021
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Updated on 18 February 2021

Students of Class 6th are still in their growing age both physically as well as mentally. Thus teaching them at this age becomes quite difficult as they are not able to grasp the concepts easily because it is new for them. This task becomes more difficult when they get introduced to new concepts of class 6th maths and its challenging problems. They get introduced to new topics like probability, percentage, and statistics. The major challenge which comes in the way of teachers and educators is to find ways to revise old topics while introducing the new ones and then retain both.

Teachers usually find it difficult to find teaching methods and strategies to accomplish all of these tasks as well as boost enthusiasm in children to learn math. Almost every other student does not like math because of the difficult concepts and huge question bank or practice required in math. This makes their morale down to learn maths thus teachers need to find new ways to teach them mathematics. Below we are mentioning some key pointers to keep in mind while teaching math to sixth-grade students.

Things to Keep in Mind While Teaching sixth Grade

Teachers usually find it very difficult to control class grade students as they are naughty and most of the time they do not want to study. Secondly, the level of studies takes a major shift in grade six as chapters or concepts get confusing which is another demotivating factor for students to study. In between all the hurdles, it becomes difficult to teach students effectively. Thus you can follow the things mentioned below to teach them.

Be Patient- Sixth grades students are still kids and not mature enough to take things seriously. They are naughty as well which makes it hard to make them concentrate. Also sometimes teachers need to explain the same concepts multiple times as they may not be able to understand them in one go. This makes it important for teachers to remain patient because then only they will be able to handle students of different nature.

Find Interesting Ways- It is important to impart education in interesting ways as boring concepts discourage students to study. Thus teachers need to find interesting ways of tough subjects like science, maths, social studies, etc. To make concepts interesting teachers can take the help of similar movies, presentations, and roleplay to make the concept clearer.

Every Student is Different- Educators need to know that every student is not the same as some students are brilliant and don't require much guidance while other students may require a little more guidance. This makes it important for teachers to not think that every student can relate to the concept in one go and some may require more attention than others.

Develop a Homework Routine- Students of this age do not remember things for a long time and they might forget the things taught to them. Thus it is important to develop a habit of giving homework on the same topic taught to them so that they do not forget the earlier concepts.


How to Teach Maths Effectively?

Maths being the most boring as well as tough subject raises the most common question among teachers on how to teach maths effectively? so that they will be able to grab their attention and interest. Below we are providing tips on how to teach math effectively.

Presentation- It is a fact that Maths is the boring and toughest subject. Hence it is important to present the subject in an effective and detailed manner so that students find it interesting. Teachers need to find simpler ways to explain concepts by giving live examples.

Explaining by Questions- To teach maths effectively, teachers must focus on solving questions and showing the proper approach to the students by themselves. Thus the effective way is to teach them by solving questions by yourself and then ask them to solve those problems.

Practice & Practice- Concepts of maths cannot get strong only after solving some questions. So teachers need to give a huge set of questions to practice so that they can learn them effectively. For assigning good set teachers should also need to have good teaching-learning material for mathematics – which includes NCERT books and reference book such as RS Aggarwal mathematics for class 6th

Break-in between tough concepts- Maths has a lot of tough concepts thus break is much required. Do not introduce all the tough concepts at one go. If you are taking one tough chapter then after that make sure you are taking an easier chapter so that students do not lose their interest.


Teaching mathematics to class 6th students is a bit difficult and requires a little more hard work than any other subject. Along with the above-mentioned tips teachers can take the help of Resources for teaching mathematics such as In-class worksheets, solving puzzles, fun and engaging maths activities. All these activities are engaging and make the subject more interesting.


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