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Importance of Coding for Class 6th Students

Updated on 18 February 2021
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Updated on 18 February 2021

With the advancement in technology, the ability to code has become increasingly important. Coding has so many benefits for students that go beyond using computers. Although most people see coding as a highly technical language and assume that they are not suitable for students of junior classes. However, this is not the case as it is just like any other language but related to computers.

Coding from an early age increases confidence among students and makes them mentally prepared for the future. So, here comes the most important question: what does coding for class 6th mean? Dive in further to know more about coding and its importance.

So, coding is the primary method to communicate with computers. It means to give instructions to computers to perform a specific task. Coding makes it possible to create applications, websites, and software. When it comes to the benefits of coding then it is not limited to develop analytical skills in students but is more than that. We have listed some of the benefits of coding below while explaining why the new education policy of 2020 has made it mandatory.


What is Coding Education and its Benefits

The 21st century is the era of digitalization where students can develop coding as a skill as it can be used in everyday life. Thus this is high time to realize that coding is just not useful for the workforce but they are useful for students as well. Students usually ask what is coding language as it is a new concept for them. So, coding is nothing but giving instructions to the computer to perform a specific task.

Benefits of Coding for Students

There are numerous benefits of coding which we shall see below.

Programming Promotes logical Thinking

Coding requires logical thinking to solve the complicated task. It teaches students how to solve complicated problems because in coding you break down the tough problem into 2 smaller problems which makes it easier to solve it. Even if children do not pursue their career as an engineer, he still gets to know how to tackle difficult problems in life.

Boost Creativity in Students

Coding is all about creating something new so there is no doubt that coding will boost creativity in students. After learning coding students will be able to design their own apps and nothing could be more creative than this.

Helps Children Develop Resilience

Through coding, children learn troubleshooting and in this way, they learn resilience in life. They teach students to never give up in life no matter how difficult the problem is, keep trying and you will succeed. This will help to lead a happy life.

Coding Helps With Career Opportunities

Coding will become an essential skill to acquire for getting a job. It will increase your chances to get high-paying jobs as it is certain that every reputed position will ask for coding as a required skill set in the near future.

Develop Skills

Coding is just like any other skill student can gain and like any other skill, it develops them mentally. It is an added advantage for students who are more inclined towards computers as now they have another skill set to develop.


New Education Policy 2020

The new education policy which was approved by the NDA government on 29 July has revolutionized the structure of education as it introduces some major changes. It has also approved coding as a subject from early as class 6th. This creates a lot of confusion among parents and students and they are apprehensive of What is coding in the new education policy? And what is the importance of it? So, the motive of introducing coding from class 6 is to give a brief description of coding from an early age. Also, there are multiple reasons to approve coding as a subject from as early as grade 6.

1. To make them ready for the future as the future of the world will rely on digital tools.

2. It develops an analytical mindset and has a good effect on the development of brains.

3. Even if children do not pursue their career in software still it will help them in their future.

4. Increase employment opportunities among youth.


The future of the country will rely majorly on coding. That is the major reason why the government has introduced it to students from such a young age. Also, we have gone through some of the great reasons why coding is important for students. New education policy 2020 will be going to help them learn coding from an early age which will set them up for a successful future.

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