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Role Model- Essay for class 6th Students

Updated on 18 February 2021
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Updated on 18 February 2021

In our day-to-day life, we come across the term 'Role model' very often and most of you must not exactly know what a role model is? How do they impact your life? So, a role model is a person whose behavior, lifestyle, and success is or can be surpassed by others. So if you are among those who think that a role model can only be someone of a high or famous personality then you are wrong. Definition of role model does not mean someone specifically from the music or TV industry. As most people say my role model is a singer from the pop industry.

However in reality the role model can be any person who inspires you regardless of their status. It can be anyone from your family, your friends, teachers, people from the neighborhood. When we talk about the role model it means how that particular person inspires our life and how we want to follow their lifestyle to be like them in the future. A role model is someone who inspires you to reach your goals thus plays an important part in everyone's lives. In this article, we will mention the importance of role models and types of role models.

Importance of Role Model

Having a role model in life is extremely important to have a positive influence on your life. A role model is your motivation and inspires you throughout your life journey. You try to accept their life mantras to achieve success in life however there are various benefits of role models. The importance of a role model in life is-

Learn the characteristics of a role model- You try to accept the traits of a successful person and learn how they overcome hurdles in life. Most students incorporate these traits to get good grades in exams.

Learn from their mistake- No person in this world is perfect and hence we can correctly say that Man is the epitome of mistakes. One can learn from the mistakes of your role model and also learn how they overcome the downfalls of life.

Show Passion and Clear Set of Values- Role models inspire people by showing passion and a clear set of values they follow to be successful. Without having a role model people usually get lost on what set of values they should follow to achieve their targets.

Types of Role Model

Even after so much limelight of role models most of the people even now are unaware of the fact that there are many types of role model-

Positive Role Model- Most people when they hear the word role model they make an image of someone with an overall positive image. In short, a successful person whose values are not only worthy to be accepted but who also share a similar set of values with you is known as a positive role model.

Reverse Role Model- Not all role models need to be the same and have to be positive. Although they are successful and they achieve everything in their life, their values are different from yours. So, when you observe the behavior of them you realize that accepting their values is not in your best interest.

Anti-role Models- Anti role models are those who don't achieve what you want to achieve but the values and behavior of those people can be accepted by you to form a clearer path.


Role Model Essay

We have mentioned the major points to be covered while writing an essay that is What is a role model, the importance of a role model, and the types of role models. Thus you can refer to the above-mentioned points to score well in the role model essay. A role model is a new as well as an important concept thus nowadays schools have started including this topic in exams. If an essay question comes with the weightage of 5 or 8 marks you should be prepared well and write while making points in the exam.


A role model is someone worthy of imitation, the one who always inspires you to reach your goals but imitating someone means accepting the set of values and actions they follow. Some popular role model examples are- singers, doctors, teachers, politicians, etc. But in the end, you are the best version of yourself because you learn from your mistakes, face different situations in life. This means you do not need to follow anyone's values but you should make your own best path and in this way can also be the role model for someone in the future.

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