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9 Best Ways to prepare for your NDA 2021 Exam

Updated on 17 March 2023
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Updated on 17 March 2023

NDA exam is conducted each year twice by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) with the aim of recruiting individuals into the Indian Army, Navy and Air force. This exam is a gateway for those who wish to enter the defence and serve their country. However, one thing that candidates must remember is that the level of competition that this exam has to offer is quite immense. Many candidates take up various preparation strategies like they either go for NDA courses or enroll in coaching to get an edge over other candidates. 

Candidates must leave no stone unturned to clear this exam and for this, they need to work on their preparation strategy and techniques. As correctly said by Colin Powell, “A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”.

Similarly, candidates need to focus to clear this exam and dedicate a lot of effort in order to complete their vision. It is difficult to crack the NDA exam on the first attempt however through this article candidates can learn some of the best ways to prepare for their upcoming NDA exam. 

9 Best Ways to prepare for NDA 2021 Exam 

Planning is Essential 

The first step towards your NDA preparation must be to plan things out at the starting itself. Planning is very necessary so that you can be focused and organized to complete the vast NDA syllabus on time. We suggest you make a timetable that will help you stay on track. Also, it will be useful to keep a check on your syllabus completion from time to time. While planning, candidates must list out each subject and allocate a particular time to those subjects to complete them on time. Hence, with the perfect combination of planning and a proper approach, you will surely ace your exam preparation. 

Be Thorough with NDA Syllabus 

Candidates should be thorough with the NDA syllabus so that they can be well-aware of each subject and the important topics that are expected in the examination. The NDA syllabus is quite vast so here the main goal should be to read and understand the complete syllabus so that it will be easier to proceed with the studies. In addition to this, make sure that you are referring to the latest and updated syllabus from the official website of NDA. 

Focus on Important Topics 

While NDA preparation, candidates often miss out on important topics that can be asked in the examination. This could be either due to improper time management or giving priority to less important topics. So to avoid this, candidates should focus on the important and high weightage topics that can come in the examination. We have curated some of the important topics for NDA aspirants which they can refer to below

Mathematics - In this paper, vector algebra is the most important topic that comprises of maximum questions in the NDA exam. So make sure to be thorough with these questions. Also trigonometry, geometry and calculus are crucial topics that you must study as they are important topics after algebra. Lastly in probability pay special attention to various theorems including Bayes’ and the Elementary theorem.

English - For this paper, candidates must be well-aware of synonyms, antonyms, spotting errors, etc. This section tests a candidate’s understanding of English vocabulary and grammar. 

General Knowledge - This section comprises physics, chemistry, geography, general science, social studies and current events. Candidates should answer practically and showcase their understanding of each subject through their answers. 

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Relevant Study Materials 

Referring to the correct study materials is very important while preparing for your NDA exams. This is because candidates often make the mistake of studying from too many books that are inappropriate from the exam point of view. If candidates have enrolled in any NDA course or coaching then they must make sure that the study materials are in line with the NDA syllabus. Stick to NCERT books as it forms the base to your entire exam preparation. NCERT will help you clear your basic concepts and you can practice the question set that is given at the end of each chapter/unit. Lastly, refer to the standard reference books only if needed. 

Reading is Necessary 

Candidates must read newspapers, articles and magazines daily to improve their English. Note down the words that you feel are difficult and find their meanings in the dictionary. This will help you to know the exact meaning and in turn, will help you improve your English language. UPSC expects candidates to be fluent in English and judges them by evaluating their scores in essay writing as well as in SSB interviews. So to have a good command of the language we suggest you inculcate the habit of reading on a daily basis. 

Practice Previous Year’s Papers & Mock Tests 

Practicing previous year’s papers will help you to know the exam pattern, trends of the questions and the types of questions asked in the examination. On the other hand, solving mock tests will be useful to improve the time management skills required to complete the vast NDA paper on time. So candidates must solve both these to make sure that they are on the right track and to boost their preparation. If candidates have joined any NDA online class then they must ensure that the class will help candidates in rigorous practice sessions by making them solve these papers and tests. 

Choose the correct Guidance 

Many candidates join NDA online coaching to prepare for the exam in a more detailed and appropriate manner. However, candidates must make sure that the coaching is reliable in the sense that there are experienced and skilled teachers, constant guidance, curriculum-wise study materials and flexible pricing. Only then candidates will be able to make the most of their learning. 

Study24x7 is one such learning platform where candidates can take live NDA online classes and get ready for their NDA exams. With the expert teaching faculties available, candidates will surely be able to learn the concepts with ease. We provide 24/7 support and guidance to candidates so that they can solve their doubts constantly. Our study materials are in line with the latest NDA syllabus which is engaging and interactive so that candidates can learn in a fun and innovative way. 

Give Ample time to revision 

There are many concepts that candidates need to learn and remember for their NDA exams so revising those concepts becomes of utmost importance. 

Candidates should dedicate at least an hour for daily revision so that they can easily memorize the concepts that they have learned daily. Also, keep the last 15-20 days before the exam solely for revision purposes so that you get ample time to memorize the concepts again. 

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Be fit & Healthy 

Candidates need to be fit and healthy not only for their written exam but also for their further training that they will go through in their NDA journey. Your mind needs to be relaxed so that you are able to give your exam with full concentration. Make sure that you get enough amount of sleep and eat healthy. 


Preparing for your NDA exam will become much easier if you follow a proper approach and possess the determination to crack this exam. Manage your time properly and choose the right NDA courses or coachings for you as that might impact your preparation. Along with the above-mentioned ways to boost your NDA 2021 preparation, remember to be calm and positive during your entire NDA journey.

Good luck to all the NDA aspirants. 

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