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Career Options In Digital Marketing 2021

Updated on 19 May 2023
Digital Marketing
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Updated on 19 May 2023

Before we explore the digital marketing jobs, their advantages and disadvantages of building a career in digital marketing, digital marketing 2021 career growth, let's take a brief look at the evolution of marketing. If you are somebody from the 90s or mid-2000s, you likely recall those magnificent TV ads. A couple of them were truly inspiring, while a significant number of them were a bit cringe.

However the majority of them had a goal – they were intended to make you aware of any product and attempt to influence you to buy it. Usually, companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising and marketing their product and services to attract more customers and to create brand awareness. So, the question is from where does digital marketing come into the scenario? This is because of easy streaming of TV shows on the internet, individuals have moved from TV to the internet With this change, organizations have likewise moved from traditional ways of advertising to digital marketing.

This has created a lot of scopes to build a career in digital marketing. You must want to know about growth in digital marketing and its benefits. Read through this article to know more about digital marketing jobs in India and their advantages.


Digital Marketing Career in India

The world is going Digital and by the year 2021, all the companies around the world including India will be more active digitally and have more online presence and this will create even more career opportunities in near future. According to recent online data, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy. The growth of India's digital advertising industry is at 33.5% in 2020 which in turn has increased the revenue generated by the digital marketing industry by INR 225 billion. This number is expected to double by the end of 2021. This has created a very broad scope of various Career opportunities in digital marketing in India. For instance- if you love coding you can go for web designing and if you are interested in writing you can go for content marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

The best part about digital marketing is this is an evergreen progressing field as with the development of technology you have to develop your skills to boost your career. Hence this is among the most interesting fields that one can opt for. There are many job opportunities you can explore to build your career. We are mentioning some of the digital marketing jobs below -

Digital Marketing Jobs

Before exploring digital marketing jobs it is important to ask yourself why do you Want a career in digital marketing? Although the digital marketing industry is on the rise, you need to make sure that you are a perfect fit for this industry. The reason behind this is constant changes in the digital platform expects you to be up to date and keep on reading throughout your life. The other important thing is this industry demands creativity of thoughts thus it is important for you to think creatively. Now moving on towards various digital marketing jobs.

Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director

This is one of the highest job profiles in the field of Digital Marketing. To be in this position one must at least have 5-7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketing Manager/Director takes care of overall advertising advancement by making strategies that will drive more traffic. They also make upgrades to the site by keeping a close watch on all the content that has been published.

Web Developer & Web Designer


These are the individuals responsible for designing those attractive sites that you run over on the web. The terms web engineer and website specialist are used interchangeably, however, the role of a web designer is limited to one but a website specialist does a lot of other things. As a web engineer/architect, you'll be answerable for planning, coding, and altering sites making them engaging and easy to understand. Basic information on JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and web writing computer programs is needed to get into this job.

Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

This job profile under digital marketing is known to be the most interesting one. But don't confuse it with just Tweeting and Facebooking, because it is not restricted to these entirely. As an online media manager, you need to keep an eye on the most recent web-based media patterns and plan techniques appropriately. This can only be possible by coordinating with the content writing team and client servicing team. Knowledge about all the social media handles and a lot of creativity is a must for this job.

SEO Executive/Expert

A well-designed and planned site will be of no purpose if the company does not have individuals who can promote it and for this purpose companies hire SEO experts. The role of SEO experts is to make sure that the company's site is all over the webpage. Web optimization heads are liable for getting traffic on the site and improving the Google rankings. They need to make sure that the content published on the website is SEO friendly by conducting keyword research and research about SEO tools.


Content Marketer

If you are interested in writing and think that your writing is better than what is already there on the web then you are an ideal candidate for this job. The duties of a content writer include creating content that has all the characteristics of circulating around the web, ensuring that the content is promoted well through SEO. To get into content writing you need to have a good command of the English language with a lot of creativity. Thus before choosing this career prospect you need to ask yourself if digital marketing is for me or not.

Other Roles

There are some other roles in digital marketing that depend upon company requirements. These are as follows-

  1. PPC/SEM Expert
  2. Analytics Manager
  3. CRM Manager
  4. Email Marketing Manager
  5. E-Commerce Manager
  6. Digital Agency Account Director

Highest Paying Jobs

When you think of building a career in any field the first thing which strikes in your mind must be how much will I earn? What are the highest paying opportunities among them? So, to solve all these queries we are providing the list of high paying jobs among them-


Salary in Rupees

Digital Marketing Manager

5 lakhs to 10 lakhs

SEO Manager

3 lakhs to 6 lakhs

SEM/PPC expert

2 lakhs to 5 lakhs

Web developer/designer

4 lakhs to 6 lakhs

Social Media Manager

3 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs

Content Writer

2 lakhs to 5 lakhs

Advantages/ Disadvantages of Building Career in Digital Marketing

Every industry has its own pros and cons however before getting into any field or job role it is important to know the various advantages and disadvantages it offers to you. So, you will be mentally prepared for the best and worst to happen in terms of professional life. So, as we already discussed, the digital marketing field is diverse but other than the highest paying jobs these job profiles have other benefits. Some are as follows-

  1. Diverse field : In other fields, if you have just taken a specialization, it gets hard to move your path. You may need to go through rigorous training. However, in the digital marketing field, you can grow your skills and learn new skills on the job.
  2. Evolving industry : When an individual is searching for a job, they likewise look for job security. Thus, they would always want to go to a developing industry that may not experience a potential crisis closure in the future. Digital marketing is very new in that viewpoint and it is continually developing. Thus digital marketing career growth is high.
  3. Develop Creativity : Digital marketing is an extremely innovative industry. In contrast to numerous specialized proficient fields, digital marketing gives a chance to numerous imaginative individuals. There are jobs in writing, designing, etc. Other than this finding ways to connect with the audience requires creative solutions as well.

Learn all about digital marketing


As far as disadvantages are concerned we could found only one disadvantage that is-

Regular Learning – Ongoing learning in digital marketing can be both a pro and a con for this field. While learning new things is consistently advantageous, the very powerful nature of digital marketing can make constant learning hectic. You need to consistently work hard to remain updated in this field.



A digital marketing career path is certainly a worthwhile option. To get success in this field you need to keep yourself updated with the industry trends. High demand for experts in digital marketing can surely lend you the best high paying jobs.

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