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What Is The Future Of Online Learning Platforms In India?

Updated on 21 April 2021
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Updated on 21 April 2021

Did you know? The online learner base in India is expected to grow by 9.6 million by this year i.e. in 2021. Shocking right? This figure already shows the successful growth of online learning in India. In addition to this, India stands second in the e-Learning market after the US. The popularity of online learning is witnessed all around the world but especially in India where students and teachers took a step forward to change the face of education. With the help of online learning platforms, students can easily learn anywhere and anytime. 

The traditional approach to education has immensely changed over the years. With Edtech coming into the picture, students can take their learning outside the walls of the physical classroom. They can learn practically with the help of their teachers and various study materials that are available on the web. The freedom to learn at your own pace and convenience makes this approach a little more interesting for the learners as they can now take an active interest in their learning and engage more in their studies. 

Gone are the days when students used to depend on the rigid study timetable or travel to their classroom within a particular time. With the availability of online learning platforms, they can now take the control of their learning. 

Not only students but this approach has gained immense popularity among working professionals. Generally, corporate companies train their employees with the help of online learning platforms which proves beneficial for them as a lot of money is saved on their part. These platforms are much affordable as well as companies need not waste their time on building the platforms from scratch for their employees. 

We are mentioning some of the most promising benefits of learning through online learning platforms that will showcase the bright future of those in the education sector. 

Benefits of Learning through Online Learning Platforms:

Learn at your own Convenience

Learners can make the most of their time by learning anytime they want to. Convenience is not an issue while learning through these platforms as students get the choice to watch their video/audio lessons anytime. The course contents are accessible 24/7 and are easily downloadable on any device. This is also beneficial for students who wish to learn at their own pace. However, this is the biggest challenge with traditional learning as students need to commute to the classroom for learning where teachers teach them with the same old books and techniques. 

Easy Collaboration with Educators 

Now students can easily get guidance from top educators who are highly skilled and experts in teaching. Similar to a social learning network, these platforms provide good collaboration scope with learners and educators from across the globe. This means that students can take online education from the comfort of their homes and get quality guidance at the same time. They can enroll in any course of their choice and learn from industry experts through these platforms. 

Access to various Educational Content 

Students can take advantage of learning through various sources. They can access many kinds of study materials like videos, presentations, audiobooks, etc. So learning through these sources makes students engaged in their studies as they get access to new and innovative information. Students often get disinterested in their learning when they study from traditional education as they are provided with the same books to learn each year. The traditional approach hinders their ability to take an active part in their learning and therefore impacts their studies.  

Personalized learning 

Students can experience personalized learning through online learning platforms. This is because the courses and study materials that are published on these platforms are customized as per the learning needs and interests of the learners. Each student can now access various educational content as per their ability to grasp the lessons. Not only this but the educational content is tailor-made by experienced educators who give a touch of their knowledge and make the overall learning easier for students. 

Personalized learning is also experienced by conducting live classes via these platforms where educators teach the learners in real-time. Along with this, learners can also take personalized mentorship from educators if they are uncomfortable to clear their doubts in the classroom. 

Instant Doubt Solving & Feedbacks 

Similar to online teaching platform, educators can solve the doubts of the learners through learning platforms. Students can get connected with them over the platform and drop their queries where teachers try their best to answer those on an immediate basis. In addition to this, teachers also provide their valuable feedback to each learner which is not possible in traditional learning where they need to handle the entire class. So, with the help of these platforms, learners can easily get their queries answered and get relevant feedback from educators. 

Cost is Much Cheaper than Traditional Learning 

When it comes to cost, online learning platforms are much flexible and cheap than traditional learning. When you want to opt for a certain course then you have the option of choosing any course which fits your learning need. Also, there are numerous study materials that you can get depending on your requirements. For example, you can go for mock tests if you need them instead of purchasing the entire study material. These platforms offer a lot of flexible options in terms of payment as well so students can get access to a top-notch education without burning a hole in their pocket. 

Talking about the future of these platforms then by looking at the above-mentioned benefits we can surely say that these platforms are much beneficial and popular among students. As we saw above, the e-learning market in India is quite huge and will expand in the coming years as well. Online learning has now become a trend among learners and will soon continue to impact the education sector. Hence, the future of online learning platforms in India is inevitable

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