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Guide to Mastering Online Teaching Platforms in 2021

Updated on 16 March 2021
dipshika shrivastava
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Updated on 16 March 2021

Are you a teacher who is looking to shift to online teaching or simply wants to give a boost to your teaching hobby? Then you have come to the right place. Teaching online has indeed become one of the most popular trends in 2021. This teaching approach provides an exciting career opportunity to teachers who want to earn money by dedicating any number of hours that they wish. There are many teaching platforms that teachers can make use of to start with their teaching journey online. 

These platforms are an effective aid for teachers to establish their online teaching and manage other tasks that would have been impossible. For example, finding potential learners and providing them with relevant courses and study materials is not a problem with the help of these platforms. 

In this article, we will help teachers to master Online Teaching Platform that will be useful for them to get started with their online Teaching. 

First and foremost, teachers should choose a reliable platform so that it will allow them to make the most of their teaching. Let’s see how to select the best platform to teach online. 

How to Choose the Right Online Teaching Platform? 

There are tons of online teaching platforms that are available out there and each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. So we are listing some of the factors that you must consider before selecting the platform. 

  1. The Platform should be extremely easy to use. Let’s face it not all teachers who shift to teaching online are technically proficient. So the platform should be simple and user-friendly for these teachers. 
  2. The platform should provide collaborative tools, unlike a social learning network where teachers could easily get in touch with their learners. 

  1. The platform should provide tools to create innovative educational content to help learners understand their lessons and engage in their learning. 

  1. The platform should provide various options (live or recorded) for teachers to conduct their classes in a hassle-free manner. 

  1. The platform should provide monetization options to let teachers earn a good amount of money. 

How to Get Started with Teaching on these Platforms? 

Teaching on these platforms is not a difficult task as you need to just follow certain steps and you are good to go. After you choose a platform for teaching, you need to enter some personal and professional details. 

  1. The first step is to register on the platform by providing your full name, email Id and password. 

  1. Enter your personal details like address, contact number and so on. 

  1. Enter your professional details like past teaching experience, teaching degree (if any), etc. Note that the majority of the platforms allow you to start your online teaching even if you do not possess a teaching degree but make sure that you hold good knowledge or expertise in the domain that you wish to teach. This way you can make sure to provide good knowledge to your learners and bring in more enrollments for your courses. 

  1. After you have completed the verification process, you can start creating your courses and study materials and publish them on the platform. Take help from experienced educators who are already teaching on that platform or read instruction guides present on the platform if any. 

  1. We suggest you get familiar with the online teaching platform and then get connected with potential learners to offer them your courses. 

These are the common steps to get started on these platforms. Note that the registration process may differ from one platform to another. If teachers are confused or stuck somewhere, they must take the help of the technical team and ask them to walk you through the platform and its process clearly. 

How to Earn Money through Online Teaching Platforms? 

The most important aspect that teachers must know is the monetization process. So, these platforms provide various methods to let teachers earn money. The most common method is to earn from the courses that you provide to the learners.

The next method which some platforms provide is to earn money via providing study materials like mock tests, practice papers, presentations, etc. Teachers can also earn extra income by offering paid memberships or by conducting one-to-one sessions with learners. 

Teachers can easily get many learners who are interested in their courses as the online learner base in India is quite huge. Learners opt for many online learning platforms that provide them with courses and other educational content however they lack proper guidance and immediate feedback on these platforms. 

Teachers must understand the significance of teaching platforms and make good use of these to educate their learners as well as for themselves. These platforms indeed provide an enhanced teaching experience to teachers and help them to effectively manage their teaching needs in a single place. We have provided the complete information above that is required to master these platforms. Choose a good platform and teach your students with the help of various tools provided by the platform and see your teaching journey succeed in no time. 

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