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How Edtech Is Transforming Traditional Learning To Virtual Learning In 2021?

Updated on 08 April 2021
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Updated on 08 April 2021

The way students learn has constantly changed over the years. With the effective use of technology, things have become a lot easier for them as they can now learn anytime and anywhere. Online learning platforms are a boon for students who have other commitments and cannot attend physical classes. They can simply log on to their online courses and learn at their own pace and time. With Edtech coming into the picture, students can now engage in their studies by learning in more fun and interactive ways. 

The coronavirus pandemic has indeed brought a lot of change in the education industry. Both students and teachers have realized the full potential of online learning and teaching in these times as they were able to connect and conduct their classes feasibly with the help of technology. According to many online studies, it has found that there are around 9.5 million online learners in India as of now. This figure shows the positive response of students to online learning.

Also, India ranks second in the world after the U.S for its e-learning market. By seeing these facts and figures, we can estimate the growth of Edtech in India. 

With the success of online education, many Edtech companies are coming forward to build their own learning and teaching platforms that can be put to use by students and teachers. 

Now, let us see how Edtech is transforming Traditional learning to Virtual Learning in 2021. 

Increased Collaboration Scope among Learners & Educators

Edtech gives an added advantage to both students and teachers by letting them collaborate with each other from the comfort of their homes. Teachers and students can make use of social learning networks or other platforms to connect and collaborate. They can then carry out their online classes with the use of these platforms and an active internet connection. This is a win-win situation for both students and teachers as they don’t need to step out to the physical classroom and waste their time and energy. 

Engagement Among Learners 

We can notice that students do not pay attention in their classes. The major reason behind this can be learning from the same approach and books over the years. In addition to this, teachers teach the entire class without considering their learning pace. They should understand that the ability of each student to grasp the concepts is different. This is the biggest downside of traditional learning

However, online learning has taken a step forward with the help of Edtech to keep students engaged in their studies. Now students can learn from various online learning platforms and choose the courses and study materials as per their choice. Not only this but they can opt for personalized learning where teachers can teach them on a face to face basis and clear their doubts at that moment itself. The implementation of game-based learning is also seen in some of the learning platforms where students learn by playing educational games. 

Access to Tailor Made Educational Content 

With the help of online teaching platform, teachers can create tailor-made educational content as per the requirement of each learner. Here, learners can get access to customized study materials which will be very useful for them to study as per their own learning ability. By making use of this educational content they can stay focused on their learning. 

Flexible Course Contents 

We know that in traditional learning, students miss their lectures if they remain absent due to any reason. The chances of learning the missed chapters or concepts are very less as teachers do not repeat the same chapter again. Hence, students tend to remain behind their learning schedules. However, this is not the case when learning through social learning networks or learning platforms as the course contents are quite flexible. Students can simply download their course contents and watch it later. The downloadable content can be accessed for a longer duration of time or in some cases for a lifetime. The content can also be downloaded on smartphones and other devices giving utmost flexibility to the learners. 

Save Money with the help of Online Learning Platforms

When it comes to money then online learning platforms are the best way to save money while gaining quality knowledge. Students can save a lot of expenses by paying a reasonable amount of money which includes the expenses of both courses and study materials. This approach is quite feasible as Edtech has made it extremely easy for learners to save tons of money and in turn receive the best knowledge. 

What is the Role of Study24x7 in Transforming Traditional learning to Virtual Learning? 

Study24x7 is an Edtech that focuses on imparting the best knowledge to its learners. With the help of our social learning network, students can easily get started on their online learning journey. They can simply connect and collaborate with educators, create their own pages for sharing knowledge, get connected with their peers and prepare for various exams together. 

Our platform helps students to engage in their learning by implementing the approach of gamification. Students can study with the help of quizzes, articles, polls, etc. Lastly, one can choose many free and paid courses that are available on our platform and make the most of their learning. 

To conclude, the availability of various online learning platforms has made a learner’s life easier. Today, students can simply choose any platforms and courses that they like and take education from anywhere around the world. Edtech plays a big role in online education and will flourish in the coming years as well. With the success of online learning in India, many Edtech companies will publish their own platforms with unique features to let students stay active and engaged in their learning. 

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