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Which is better for you Biology + Physical education or Biology + maths?

Updated on 09 April 2022
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Updated on 09 April 2022

Class 12 is the most crucial phase in a student’s life as after clearing this class they explore various career opportunities for themselves. So it becomes extremely important for students to clear this class with flying colors so that they can pursue their dream career. However, the most common question among students is which subject can help them to take up the career of their choice. One must note that the subjects which you choose in your class 12 forms the foundation for your future. 

By choosing an appropriate subject, you will be able to enroll in various diploma, graduation or certification courses and learn from your desired college/university. So in this article, we will help students make the right decision for themselves. 

Class 12 opens up many opportunities for you and there are many optional subjects that you can choose for yourself. Here we are going to talk about two main subjects i.e Physical Education and maths. Students who are interested to pursue biology as their main subject must wonder which optional subject to choose in their class 12. Here we will help you to make an informed decision for your future by providing all the necessary details on both the subjects. 


Biology + Physical Education: 

CBSE schools allow students to choose physical education as their optional subject in class 12. Students who have a keen interest in learning various sports and physical activities can opt for this subject along with biology. Apart from this, Physical Education is a scoring subject so you don’t need to invest much time and effort in learning its concepts. This subject gives you an overview of various aspects involved in sports so that you can explore your interests accordingly. 


Understanding the syllabus will help you know the concepts involved in Physical Education. So, let us take a look at the detailed syllabus of Physical education below. 

Unit 1: Planning in Sports 

  1. Meaning and Objectives in Planning 
  2. Various Committees & its Responsibilities (pre, during and post)
  3. Tournament- Knock Out, league or Round Robin & combination 
  4. Procedure to Draw Fixtures- Knock-out (Bye & seeding) & League (Staircase & cyclic) 

Unit 2: Sports & Nutrition 

  1. Balanced Diet & Nutrition: Macro & Micro nutrients 
  2. Nutritive & Non-Nutritive components of diet
  3. Eating for weight control- A healthy weight, the Pitfalls of dieting, Food intolerance and food myth

Unit 3: Yoga & Lifestyle

  1. Asanas as preventive measures 
  2. Obesity: Procedure, benefits & contraindications for Vajrasana, Hastasana, Trikonasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana
  3. Diabetes: Procedure, benefits & contraindications for Bhujangasana, Paschimottasana, Pavan 
  4. Muktasana, Ardh Matsyendrasana
  5. Hypertension: Tadasana, Vajrasana, Pavan Muktasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Bhujangasana, Sharasana

Unit 4: Physical Education & Sports for CWSN 

  1. Concept of Disability & Disorder
  2. Types of Disability, its causes & nature (cognitive disability, intellectual disability, physical disability)
  3. Types of Disorder, its cause & nature (ADHD, SPD, ASD, ODD, OCD)
  4. Disability Etiquettes
  5. Strategies to make Physical Activities assessable for children with special needs.

Unit 5: Children & Women in Sports

  1. Motor development & factors affecting it
  2. Exercise Guidelines at different stages of growth & Development
  3. Common Postural Deformities - Knock Knee; Flat Foot; Round Shoulders; Lordosis, Kyphosis, Bow Legs and Scoliosis and their corrective measures
  4. Sports participation of women in India

Unit 6: Test & Measurement in Sports

  1. Motor Fitness Test – 50 M Standing Start, 600 M Run/Walk, Sit & Reach, Partial Curl Up, Push Ups (Boys), Modified Push Ups (Girls), Standing Broad Jump, Agility – 4x10 M Shuttle Run
  2. Measurement of Cardiovascular Fitness – Harvard Step Test/Rockport Test - Computation of Fitness Index: (Duration of the Exercise in Seconds x 100)/(5.5 x Pulse count of 1-1.5 Min after Exercise)
  3. Rikli & Jones - Senior Citizen Fitness Test 

Unit 7: Physiology & Injuries in Sports

  1. Physiological factor determining component of Physical Fitness
  2. Effect of exercise on Cardio Respiratory System
  3. Effect of exercise on Muscular System
  4. Sports injuries: Classification (Soft Tissue Injuries:(Abrasion, Contusion, Laceration, Incision, Sprain & Strain) Bone & Joint Injuries: (Dislocation, Fractures: Stress Fracture, Green Stick, Comminuted, Transverse Oblique & Impacted) Causes, Prevention & treatment
  5. First Aid – Aims & Objectives

Unit 8: Biomechanics & Sports

  1. Meaning and Importance of Biomechanics in Sports
  2. Types of movements (Flexion, Extension, Abduction & Adduction)
  3. Newton’s Law of Motion & its application in sports

Unit 9: Psychology & Sports

  1. Personality; its definition & types – Trait & Types (Sheldon & Jung Classification) & Big Five Theory
  2. Motivation, its type & techniques
  3. Meaning, Concept & Types of Aggressions in Sports

Unit 10: Training in Sports

  1. Strength – Definition, types & methods of improving Strength – Isometric, Isotonic & Isokinetic
  2. Endurance - Definition, types & methods to develop Endurance – Continuous Training, Interval Training & Fartlek Training
  3. Speed – Definition, types & methods to develop Speed – Acceleration Run & Pace Run
  4. Flexibility – Definition, types & methods to improve flexibility
  5. Coordinative Abilities – Definition & types

Career Scope:

After clearing biology + Physical education in class 12, students can pursue diploma, degree and certification courses.

Diploma Courses: 

  1. Physical education 
  2. Aerobics
  3. Yoga
  4. Yoga and physical education
  5. Yoga and teacher training

The duration of all these diploma courses is 2 years. 

Degree Courses: 

  1. Bachelor of Arts (Physical Education) 
  2. Bachelor of Arts (Yoga) 
  3. Bachelor of Physical Education 

The duration of these degree courses is 3 years. 

Certification Courses: 

  1. Aerobics 
  2. Yoga and Yoga Science 
  3. Yoga and Naturopathy 
  4. Naturopathy 

The duration of these certification courses is 1 year. 

Biology + Maths

Opting for maths along with biology can be a win-win situation for students as they get to choose their career from an ocean of options ie. from both the medical and engineering fields. Along with this, students who are inclined towards maths and love problem-solving and logic building can opt for this subject.


Unit 1: Relations and Functions 

  1. Relations and Functions 
  2. Inverse Trigonometric functions 

Unit 2: Algebra 

  1. Matrices 
  2. Determinants 

Unit 3: Calculus 

  1. Continuity and differentiability 
  2. Applications of derivatives
  3. Integrals 
  4. Applications of the Integral 
  5. Differential Equation 

Unit 4: Vectors and three dimensional geometry 

  1. Vectors 
  2. Three dimensional geometry 

Unit 5: Linear Programming 

  1. Linear programming

Unit 6: Probability 

  1. Probability 

Career Scope:

There are tons of career options available for students who have opted for maths along with biology. Let’s take a look at some of the career options below 

1. Engineering- Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) is a lucrative career for students who have opted for maths in their class 12th. To get admission into engineering colleges, students have to score the required cutoff marks specified by the college/university. The duration of this course is 3-4 years. After completing this degree, students can work as an engineer in private companies. 

2. Bachelor in Information technology/ Computer Science- This is an undergraduate degree that students can enroll in for a duration of 3 years. They get to learn various theoretical as well as practical aspects of information technology/ computer science. After completion of this degree, students can work as software developers, web designers, database developers, etc. 

3. Bachelor of computer Application- This degree will provide you the overview of computer programming and its various aspects. The duration of this degree is 3 years and after completing this course, students can work as computer programmers in various companies, private banks, government, etc.

4. Bachelor of Physical Science- This degree will focus on various aspects of earth, atmosphere, space, etc in the field of Astronomy, meteorology and so on. The duration of this degree is 3 years and after completing this degree, students can become scientists, researchers, professors, etc.

5. Government Jobs- Students can also appear for various government jobs after class 12th maths like ND, SSC CGL, RRB, etc. 


Students must wonder which one is better for them i.e. Physical education or maths? Well, the answer lies within you. Students have to explore their interests and weigh the pros and cons of both subjects. If you are the one who is inclined towards sports and other physical activities then Physical education along with biology is perfect for you. While, on the other hand, if you love to solve math problems and build your logic then Maths along with biology will work for you. Refer to the above-mentioned syllabus and career options to get a clear direction and make your decision accordingly. All the best!

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