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What is a Social Learning Platform and its Benefits?

Updated on 21 April 2021
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Updated on 21 April 2021

The rise in online education has opened gates for many learning platforms to establish themselves in the educational industry. The demand for online learning has paved the way for many online learning platforms with the help of which students can prepare for their exams over the internet. The coronavirus pandemic has boosted the growth of online education in India where students now mostly prefer to learn online 

One such platform that has emerged along with other learning platforms is the social learning platform

What is a Social Learning Platform? 

A social learning network/platform is the one where learners can learn with their teachers and classmates. It encourages collaborative learning among students where they can connect with their teachers and peers and get ready for their exams together. The most important aspect that sets this platform apart from the others is that learners can indulge in interactive and engaging learning by making use of various tools present on this platform. 

Social learning is very effective as it motivates students to take an active interest in their studies. They can socialize and learn together with their classmates and teachers. 

Albert Bandura, a physiologist suggested that children tend to observe and learn from their environment. Social learning is an effective way for students to learn each other’s behavior and the outcome of that behavior. He also suggested that cognition plays an important role in learning. Hence Albert Bandura invented the social learning theory in the year 1977 where he proved that students learn by imitating, observing, and modeling their environment. 

So a social learning network is beneficial for students as this network encourages them to learn socially. There are lots of benefits that social learning provides to a student which we shall discuss below. 

Benefits of a Social Learning Platform 

Collaborative learning 

When it comes to learning online, many students are worried about the fact that they cannot attend online classes from their desired educator. However, this is not the case as social learning networks encourage collaborative learning where learners can easily find and get connected with their educators. After doing so, they can carry out their online classes with the help of those educators who are available to guide them anytime they want to. 

On the other hand, these platforms not only let you study with your educators but also with your classmates. You can send connection requests to your classmates, share notes, attend your online classes together, and so on. This concept is similar to a social media platform where you can send connection requests to the other person, comment on their post/pages, share useful information, etc. 

High Rate of Engagement among Learners 

One of the major benefits when learning on social learning networks is that students can stay focused and engaged in their learning. This can be due to various reasons such as face-to-face interactions with educators, learning in groups, being part of group discussions and other educational activities, and so on. 

Even if students learn online they do not miss their educators and peers as they learn together here. In the case of shy learners, they also take interest in their learning as educators guide them on a personal level and encourage them to take part in their learning with their classmates. 

Use Innovative forms of Learning 

Students can indulge in various forms of learning such as making use of educational games, storytelling, study materials that include video content, audiobooks, etc. Access to all these forms of learning makes studies more fun and interactive for students. Hence these study materials enhance their learning experience and students pay more attention to their studies. On the other hand, similar to an online teaching platform, teachers can make numerous engaging content for their learners and keep them on their toes while learning. 

Social Learning Networks are Cheap 

When it comes to cost, learners will be relieved to know that a social learning platform is extremely budget-friendly. You need to pay a small number of fees which is generally very less as compared to traditional learning. So using these platforms is very beneficial to learners as they need to invest a reasonable amount and they are good to go. 

Develop Social Skills for the workforce 

Social skills have become a necessary form of skill in 2021. Today’s workforce requires candidates to possess this skill where they are required to collaborate across various departments, learn and train their peers, all while socializing with each other. Hence, possessing these skills can give you an added advantage for your workforce in the future. 

To conclude, a social learning network is the best way to engage the learners and encourage them to stay on track while learning. These platforms are a boon to the educational industry where they can integrate various features for learners to take an active part in their learning. Hence, with the help of these platforms, both students and teachers can teach and learn easily in an online environment.

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