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How To Write Effective Answers For BPSC 2021 Main Exam?

Updated on 30 April 2021
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Updated on 30 April 2021

The BPSC mains exam will be conducted on 5 June 2021. Candidates who have cleared their prelims exam must start preparing for their mains paper with full focus and concentration. Mains is considered the toughest exam due to its descriptive papers. Hence, candidates are often in a dilemma to crack this paper without any trouble. Despite putting months into BPSC preparation, many of them are still not able to clear their Mains paper on the first attempt. 

To turn your vision of cracking the BPSC paper into reality, you need to pay attention to certain important tips that are essential for the exam. First and foremost, understand the importance of writing answers in a way that amazes the examiner and leaves your impression on them. Not many candidates are able to implement this practically in their papers. So, through this article, we will help aspirants with few tips that will help them in their BPSC Exam and give them an edge over other candidates. 

Answer Writing Tips for BPSC 2021 Mains Exam

Structure your Answer Properly 

It is important to have a proper structure so it will be easier to navigate and understand the flow of your answer. Start by writing an introduction that gives an idea about the problem/issue stated in the question. Then write the main body where the actual problem/issue/solution is explained in detail. We suggest you divide your main body into small paragraphs or points to make it readable and understandable. Lastly, end your answer with a strong conclusion. Do not forget to restrict your answer according to the word limit specified by BPSC. Generally, an ideal answer should vary between 200-250 words. 

Highlight Important Keywords 

Highlighting your main keywords in the BPSC Exam is an excellent way to showcase the important points related to your answer. While writing, if you feel any point is crucial then highlight it. However, do not go overboard with it as it will make your paper look untidy. Ideally, you must highlight 4-5 important keywords in your answer. 

Pay Attention to Presentation 

Presentation plays an important role while writing answers in the BPSC Mains paper. Writing effective answers will be of no use if you didn’t pay attention to the presentation. Needles to say, the examiners have piles of paper to check and you sure don’t want to make the work harder for them by presenting your paper in an untidy way. So you must write your answers in a neat and tidy manner with understandable handwriting. Give a proper structure to your answer and give enough amount of spacing wherever needed. Lastly, make use of points and tables if necessary. 

Bullet Points or Paragraphs- Totally Depends on you!

One of the most common questions among candidates while preparing for their BPSC exam is whether to write in points or paragraphs. The answer to this is simple, it depends on you. There is no thumb rule to write your answer in points or paragraphs specifically. So you can choose either approach with which you are comfortable. However, writing in paragraphs is much more effective when you are answering in-detail questions based on opinions. On the other hand, fact-based answers can be stated in points. 

Use Facts, Figures & Practical Examples 

To impress the examiner by showcasing your knowledge and understanding towards the question, always write answers that are backed up by facts, figures and practical examples. This will indicate that you have a proper understanding of the subject and that you are well-aware of the facts/happenings related to the subject. Especially when attempting your general studies paper, you need to mention facts/happenings in your history paper. If you are still confused about writing answers using specific examples, facts and figures then we suggest you enroll in BPSC GS Course online so that you can learn these things practically with the help of the right guidance. 

Keep it Simple 

When you are writing answers for your BPSC exam, make sure to keep the answer simple and to the point. Do not overcomplicate the answer, in addition to this, use simple words rather than using difficult words that are hard to understand. The key to writing good answers is to keep it simple, interesting and concise. 

Practice Writing Answers Daily 

Answer writing practice is of utmost importance if you wish to crack your mains exam with flying colors. Dedicate some time to writing the answers so that you will have good practice and it will be easier to attempt the answers in your actual exam. You can also take help from previous year’s papers to identify the type of questions asked in the exam. 

Time Management is Necessary 

Unfortunately, you have very limited time to complete your Mains paper. So you need to be prepared beforehand to manage your time effectively in the BPSC exam. The only way to overcome this problem is to keep on practicing on a daily basis. You can either decide to give a particular amount of time to each answer or set a timer to complete the answer while practicing. Mock tests will also be of great help to manage your time accordingly. 

Join BPSC Online Course if Required 

If you wish to receive practical guidance to writing effective answers then you may also join the BPSC Online course as it will be very helpful for you. With the help of an online course, you can opt for live courses and gain valuable insights into writing answers from the BPSC Mains point of view. Online courses are also very useful to stand out from the crowd and to ace this exam with the help of expert educators. 

To conclude, a proper approach is very necessary to crack your BPSC mains paper on the first attempt. If you are enrolling for a BPSC online course then make sure to choose a reliable course that gives you in-depth knowledge in writing effective answers. In addition to this, keep your answers short, simple and to the point and excel in your mains papers easily. Good luck!

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