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7 Effective Tips for Students to stay focused in Online Learning

Updated on 29 April 2021
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Updated on 29 April 2021

Online learning has become one of the most adopted forms of learning since 2020. The major reason behind this is the coronavirus pandemic that led to worldwide lockdowns. The only way to continue learning was to opt for various online learning platforms and learn from one’s home itself. While this is a totally different environment for students, the biggest challenge here is to stay focused on online learning. Many students are not comfortable with the online approach and they eventually get sidetracked with their learning. 

However, it is important to understand that students must treat both conventional and online learning differently. There are specific methods that work for both forms of learning in their own ways. In the case of online learning, as the course contents are quite flexible, students can take their lessons anytime they want to. The freedom to attend their online classes anytime without anyone questioning them may lead to temptation, they might easily get distracted in their learning. Hence, they may find it difficult to stay focused in their online classes. So, in this article, we will share certain tips for students to stay focused in their online classes. 

7 Effective Tips for Students to stay focused in their Online classes 

Opt for a good Online Learning Platform 

When you are learning online, you need an effective learning aid that will fulfill your learning needs and let you take your lessons without any hassle. In such a case, online learning platforms play a huge role in your entire learning. With the help of these platforms, you will stay focused on your learning as you don’t have to waste time finding ways to stay organized and motivated in your online studies. The best part about these platforms is that they are extremely easy to use and they help in keeping track of your lesson completion. Along with this, you can access various study materials needed to ace your lessons by using these platforms. 

Enroll in Live Online classes 

Live classes are a savior when it comes to learning online. This is because when you learn from recorded lessons then chances are you might get easily distracted. This holds true as you may lack real-time interaction with your teachers or peers. It becomes extremely difficult to stay on track in an online approach especially if there is no one to guide you in person. So one of the most effective ways to overcome this problem is to enroll in live classes. 

This way you can get one-on-one guidance from your teachers or you can simply discuss your lessons with them. Social learning platforms are an excellent way to liven up your online learning as with the help of these platforms you can connect and collaborate with your teachers and peers and stay engaged in your learning. 

Ask your Doubts Right Away 

It is necessary that you interact with your teachers and ask them your doubts right away after your online class. Some online learning platforms provide the feature to directly connect with your teachers via texts or messages. To stay focused, it is important that you participate actively in your learning. Along with this, you can also be part of online learning groups, discussions or forums to get your questions answered with the help of your peers/classmates. Being actively involved in your learning is a great way to increase your motivation and stay on track while learning. 

Make a Schedule 

A study schedule helps you to be organized and keep a track of your learning. Hence, students must make a learning schedule that will benefit them to learn online. For Example, if you have a morning online class, try to get up early, finish your chores and then attend your classes. Do not get up at the time of your online lecture and then attend your classes in your bed while you are half asleep. This will kill your motivation and the will to study. 

Build a personal Study Space 

A personal study space is very crucial as your environment can impact you a lot while studying. In a traditional classroom, you have the right kind of learning environment like your teachers, classmates or various Edtech tools like projectors or whiteboards to liven up your class. However, when learning online, the place is the biggest form of concern. You surely don’t want to study in your bed or living room as it can distract you. Hence, build a proper study space like a small table, chair and enough lighting in the corner of your room to help you focus on your online learning. 

Check your Internet Connection & Other Requirements

You may lose your focus if you are not able to tune into your online classes because of the internet connectivity issue. So it is important to check your internet connection before you start your online class. In addition to this, we suggest you check additional things such as the audio of your device, headset or other technical requirements. You can only make the most of your learning by establishing a smooth connection with your online learning platform without any technical issues or internet connectivity problems. 

Avoid Distractions 

There will be many distractions in your daily studies as you are learning from home or anywhere outside. Needless to say, the endless amount of scrolling on social media can distract you from your learning. Not only this but watching tv or playing video games are also the most common forms of distraction in students. Hence to avoid this, you must stay away from your phones until your online class gets over. Make your learning goals and stay dedicated by following your daily study routine without fail. 

To conclude, there are many online learning platforms that will help you attend your online classes without any issues. Along with the platforms, you should also follow the above-mentioned tips to stay focused on your online learning. Remember that an online learning environment is much different from a traditional learning environment so you need to make your learning strategy accordingly. All the best!

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