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How to continue your teaching amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Updated on 07 May 2021
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Updated on 07 May 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has taken a worse turn affecting several small to large scale companies. It has disrupted the functioning and economic stability of many industries and businesses. The education sector is not an exception as the pandemic has affected millions of students and teachers worldwide. Talking about the teachers, many of them lost their jobs, worked for extra hours, or faced salary cuts in this pandemic. However, online learning platforms came to the rescue of students as they were able to continue their learning online. 

Then the question here arises, What about teachers? Teachers have faced the worst phase during this pandemic however with many options available online, they can start their teaching once again. Whether you are an aspiring teacher, or someone who needs extra income or simply has lost their teaching job in this pandemic, you need not worry. With the help of online teaching platforms, you can simply kick start your teaching journey again. 

What is an Online Teaching platform? 

The online Teaching platform is the one that helps you to teach your students over the internet by making use of various online tools. By using this platform, you can find students who live across the globe, teach them and earn a good income. 

What are the benefits of using Online Teaching Platforms? 

Teach Anytime and Anywhere- You can expect total flexibility by using these teaching platforms. You can dedicate any number of hours to teaching and teach anywhere from around the world. There are no time and location constraints when it comes to online teaching. 

Face to Face Interaction with Students- Teachers can conduct live online classes and ensure to provide a one-on-one learning experience to their students. Live classes are very crucial to ensure that students stay focused and engaged in their learning. 

Increased Collaboration Scope - With the help of online teaching platforms, teachers can find and collaborate with a large number of students from different countries and educational backgrounds. This will be beneficial for them as they can find potential students from the comfort of their homes. 

Increased Digital Skills - Teachers have to conduct online classes and create study materials for students. In this process, they learn many new things which add to their digital skills. They use various online tools and software's to create courses and study materials that are very effective in keeping up with the digital age and will benefit teachers in their future as well. 

Become Financially Independent - One of the biggest advantages of using online teaching platforms is that teachers can earn a good amount of money. They can sell their courses and other educational materials to students and ensure financial stability. 

Keeping the needs of teachers in mind and letting them continue their teaching through online mode Study24x7 has come up with its platform. 

Study24x7 is a social learning network that helps teachers connect with lakhs of learners from around the world. With the help of this platform, teachers can create courses, study materials, conduct online classes, and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that Study24x7 provides to teachers. 

Create Live Courses - Study24x7 enables teachers to create live courses and teach their students. With the help of this option, teachers can interact one-on-one with their students and solve their doubts instantly by using a real-time chat system. 

Collaborate with Learners - Study24x7 has a huge learner base so teachers need not worry to find learners for their online teaching. They can simply find, connect and collaborate with learners to conduct a successful online class. 

Create Test Series and Other Study Materials - Teachers can create test series, and other study materials in the form of videos, presentations, documents, etc. They can also sell these study materials to the learners.

Increased Student Engagement - Teachers can keep students engaged in their learning by conducting live courses, providing personalized study materials, posting quizzes, and so on. Hence, keeping students interested and focused on their learning is not a difficult task. 

Showcase your Expertise - Teachers can create a page on the online teaching platform and showcase their skills and expertise through this page by posting educational content. They can also bring in more enrollments for their courses and increase their social presence with the help of this page.  

Highly Secured- Study24x7 is a highly secured platform. You can teach on this platform without worrying as it has provided a secure video broadcasting that ensures that your flow of video content is secure while conducting live classes. 

Various Monetization Options - Study24x7 provides many options to teachers to earn money. They can either sell their courses or study materials like test series, mock tests, notes, etc. So teachers can earn a decent income on this platform. 

The best part is that teachers can create their free teaching account and get started with their teaching without any hassle on Study24x7. 

To conclude, we can say that online teaching platforms are a savior for teachers in these uncertain times where they are facing difficulties in their teaching careers. Don’t let the pandemic break your continuity in teaching. Get on Board with Study24x7 and make the most of your teaching profession in no time.

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