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How Social Learning Networks Are Changing The Life Of Online Learners Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Updated on 20 May 2021
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Updated on 20 May 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted almost every business and company. The loss of the education sector is not new as all the schools, colleges and educational institutions have stopped functioning in order to control the surging covid-19 cases. This loss has affected all the students and teachers worldwide as they couldn’t attend and conduct their classes. The only solution to continue the learning was to opt for online learning platforms and take education online.

However, online learning became the most adopted and demanded form of learning in no time. According to many online studies, it is found that the number of online learners in India is expected to reach 9.8 million by the end of the year 2021. The covid-19 pandemic has indeed brought online learning to the front stage in the education sector.

The positive response to this kind of learning gave rise to many learning platforms. Among these, a social learning network has proved to be more fruitful for online learners.

A social learning network is an educational network that encourages collaborative learning among teachers and students. With the help of this network, students can connect and collaborate with their teachers and peers and conduct a successful online class.

Let us dive into some of the notable benefits of social learning networks below

Benefits of Social Learning Networks

Wide Collaboration Scope

As all the educational institutions are shut due to the nationwide lockdown, students have to learn from their home itself. So these networks make it extremely easy for students to connect with their teachers from across any part of the country. Finding skilled and experienced teachers to teach is not a difficult task as students can easily take up courses or access study materials provided by expert educators on these networks.


Variety of Educational Content

When it comes to studying from the relevant educational materials, social learning networks are definitely beneficial for students. One can find an ocean of study materials on these networks that are updated regularly on these networks. Learners can also find many varieties of educational content like videos, audios, presentations, e-books, etc. This encourages students to participate in their learning as they get access to numerous interactive educational content to study for their exams.


Live Interaction & Doubt-Solving Sessions

These networks provide students with the option of live courses and personalized live mentorship from educators. It provides them with an enhanced learning experience as they are able to grasp the concepts clearly with the help of their educators. Unlike an online teaching platform, teachers can solve their doubts instantly and provide immediate solutions to the students regarding any exam-related queries.


High Rate of Engagement While studying

One of the biggest achievements of social learning networks are that they have managed to keep students engaged in their learning. This is due to the fact that they provide one-on-one interaction with teachers & peers, encourage students to participate via game-based learning, provide 24/7 support, immediate feedback & guidance and so on. These networks support social learning techniques that encourage students to stay in tune with their learning.


Well, social learning is considered the most efficient form of learning. This is because students learn and engage with their studies socially with their classmates which makes this approach much interesting for them. There are very few social learning networks in the education industry that have successfully managed to engage students in their learning. So if you are an online learner, this network will surely keep you intact with your online learning and encourage you to actively participate in your studies as well.


Social Learning Networks are Cost-Effective

Online learners must be relieved to know that social learning networks are very cost-effective. Learners need to pay a reasonable amount of price and they are good to go. You can also customize your learning package as per your convenience like opt for courses, or mock tests or simply customize it as per your learning need. So learners who are searching for a budget-friendly option to learn online must opt for these networks.


The covid-19 pandemic has changed the dimension of every sector. In the case of the education sector, many Edtech companies are now coming forward and providing various learning platforms to learners. Not only this but implementing various educational activities, games, etc are proving to be beneficial for learners.


Online learners must embrace technology and make the most of their learning by taking the help of social learning networks. This network provides all in one learning facility and strives to provide an enhanced learning experience to the learners. Now learning socially with your teachers and peers is not impossible. Simply switch to these networks and prepare for your exams together with your teachers and classmates.        

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