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Top 5 tips for teachers to improve their online teaching skills

Updated on 11 November 2022
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Updated on 11 November 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a nationwide lockdown which forced all the schools, colleges, and educational institutions to shut overnight. This bought online education into the limelight where all the educational institutions switched to an online approach. Students started to learn online through online learning platforms and teachers started to teach through teaching platforms. Both teachers and students faced many challenges in their way to adapt to this kind of learning and teaching however embracing online education is the only option in this pandemic.

Especially teachers faced a lot of problems when teaching online such as unknowing of the technology, poor student-teacher interaction, no enough income, and so on. Hence, teachers who have shifted to online teaching should follow certain tips to master their teaching skills. This will help them to teach effectively and become an expert in their online teaching without any hassle. 

Through this article, we are going to mention some of the proven tips that teachers should follow to improve their teaching skills and excel at them. 

Top 5 Tips for Teachers to Improve their Online Teaching Skills

Choosing the Right Online Teaching Platform is necessary 

Teachers must choose the right online teaching platform as that will highly affect their teaching skills. With the help of this platform, teachers can create courses, study materials, keep track of their students, etc. Hence, it is important to note that these aspects impact their teaching skills as a whole. So, the first step that teachers must follow is to search for a good teaching platform that will allow them to make the most of their teaching. This platform is also useful for teachers to search for their potential learners and teach them which is very important when teaching online. 

Plan & Practice Your Online Classes Beforehand 

Planning is very vital for online teaching as this kind of teaching is far different from that of traditional teaching. Teachers must plan their classes before so that they avoid any last-minute hassle and confusion. It is better that you make a timetable for your learners and yourself which you both follow to ensure your success in online learning and teaching. A timetable will help you and your learners to stay in tune with your online learning routine. In addition to this, teachers must also practice their online classes beforehand with the help of online teaching platforms to get well aware and adjusted to the technology. 

Communicate face to face with your Learners 

Communication is the key when it comes to online teaching. Teachers must make sure that they teach their learners one-on-one to avoid misunderstandings. Also, it helps to judge whether your learners are able to grasp the concepts taught by you easily. This will also comfort your learners and bridge the gap between you and them. The biggest fact related to online education that teachers must know is that it becomes difficult for students to stay motivated during an online class.

Hence, to keep them on track you must conduct live classes frequently. 

Use Interactive Teaching methods 

Technology has helped mankind achieve their day-to-day tasks with ease. Today, technology is also playing an important role in the education sector by letting students learn online with the help of the internet and smartphones/laptops. Hence, teachers must embrace technology by creating various interactive study materials for the students and spice up their online classes. You can use quizzes, storytelling, flashcards, etc to engage your students in their learning. One of the best ways to increase your student’s attention is to teach them through social learning network as these networks boost the engagement of a student in their online learning. It has various inbuilt techniques to keep students motivated and take an active interest in their learning. 

Motivate and provide Instant Feedback to Learners

One of the most effective teaching skills that teachers must inculcate apart from teaching is to motivate their students in their learning. As an online approach is overwhelming, teachers must first communicate the benefits of this learning to their learners and then motivate them to take part in their online studies. In addition to that, teachers must provide instant feedback to their learners so that they can track their learning progress and stay in tune with their learning. 

As said by George Couros,“ Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational”

Similarly, the role of teachers in online teaching is very important as with the combination of both technology and educators, one can ensure the total success of online education. Teachers who are currently new to this type of technology must keep the above-mentioned points in mind to master their teaching skills. Remember to choose the best online teaching platform as that is the first steps towards acing your online teaching. Good luck!

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