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How Online Teaching Platforms Will Help Teachers Kick Start Their Online Teaching Journey?

Updated on 09 June 2021
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Updated on 09 June 2021

Online teaching is making a buzz in the entire education sector where due to the shift in online education, teachers are opting for an online teaching approach. This kind of teaching has been rising tremendously among teachers since the year 2020. Needless to say, the sudden outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has let teachers realize the potential of online teaching in no time. Now, with the help of online teaching platforms, teachers can kick start their online teaching journey and teach their students from the comfort of their homes. 

However, many teachers are still in a dilemma to shift their teaching online. With no prior technical knowledge, teachers are confused to take up this approach of teaching. We understand that this approach is completely new to teachers, and many are still figuring out an easy way to start their online teaching. 

So, look no further! This article will help you kick start your online teaching journey within a few simple steps. 

You must know that teaching platforms are a savior when it comes to online teaching, which helps teachers establish their online presence and find learners to connect and collaborate with from various parts of the country. This platform has it all covered for you, right from setting up your teaching account and creating educational content to earning money. 

All you need to do is select the best Online teaching platform that will fulfill all your teaching requirements in a single place. 

How To select the best Online Teaching Platform? 

Take a look at some of the requirements that the platform should meet to establish your online teaching journey feasibly. 

  1. The platform should be extremely easy to use i.e. it should be user friendly
  2. The platform should have a good learner base to help you connect with your potential learners worldwide. 
  3. The platform should have various interactive tools to let you create engaging study materials for your learners. 
  4. The platform should have flexible teaching options such as creating recorded or live video courses, teaching anytime and anywhere, etc. 
  5. The platform should have various monetization options to let you earn a decent amount of money. 

Now that you have selected a good teaching platform, the next step is to start your online teaching. 

How to kick start your online teaching with the help of online teaching platforms? 

You need to follow a few steps to start your online teaching with the help of these platforms 

Step 1: Open your Teaching Account 

The first and the most important step after choosing a platform is to open your teaching account. Enter all your personal and professional details as specified in the account creation form. Now, many teachers must wonder that what if they don’t have a professional teaching degree? Well, many teaching platforms allow you to teach without a teaching degree however you need to be expert and skilled in whatever you teach. So, after you enter all these details, the platform will create a teaching account for you. 

Note - Some platforms would take a certain amount of time to approve your teaching account. 

Step 2: Find your Potential Learners & Connect with them

The next step is to find and connect with your learners who are interested in your teaching services. Generally, the online teaching platform has a good learner base where teachers can immediately find and connect with their learners. So, you must search for potential learners, know their educational interests and then approach them. 

Step 3: Create Educational Content 

Educational content plays an important role in the overall learning process of a learner. So, teachers must make sure that they are creating high-quality courses and study materials for the students. With the help of the platform, teachers can get access to various interactive tools to make the educational content more interesting and engaging. They can also use social learning network to engage their learners in their studies by posting quizzes, articles, study materials in the form of videos, texts, images, audios, etc. 

Step 4: Conduct Live or Recorded Courses 

Teachers can now start creating and publishing their courses on the platform in the form of recorded or live videos. If they are not comfortable with the live teaching, they can conduct recorded courses to record their sessions and then publish them directly to their learners. 

Step 5: Earn Money 

Teachers can charge a decent amount of money for each course that they have published on the platform. Apart from that, various platforms allow teachers to earn extra income by conducting personalized mentorship sessions or provide options for students to opt for a monthly subscription plan. In either case, teachers can make a handsome amount of money on the teaching platform. 

How can Study24x7 Help teachers kick start their Online Teaching journey? 

Study24x7 acts as both a teaching and online learning platform where teachers can find and connect with lakhs of students for their teaching. With the help of Study24x7, teachers can open a free teaching account and start teaching without any financial burden. They can connect with learners from various educational backgrounds and teach them live. They can also create numerous courses and study materials by utilizing the tools present on the platform. The best part is that teachers can earn money by selling their courses and other study materials such as mock tests, test series, etc. 

To conclude, online teaching is progressing at a faster rate in the education industry where teachers are making the most of this approach and earning a good amount of money from their homes themselves. The role of an online teaching platform in the entire online teaching is undeniable as it is the major teaching aid to ace your teaching. All you need to do is choose a good platform and establish your online teaching presence immediately. 

What are you waiting for? Join Study24x7 and start your Online Teaching Career Now!

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