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What are the Benefits of Social Learning Networks in the Modern Classroom Culture?

Updated on 15 June 2021
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Updated on 15 June 2021

The education sector has evolved over the years were our most popular traditional way of learning has now transformed into online learning. With the easy availability of technology, learning has become more accessible and available to those who either couldn’t afford it or have busy schedules. Students can now easily tune into their online courses via online learning platforms and learn from the comfort of their homes. Not only this but they can access their course contents 24/7 and make the most of their learning. 

Needless to say, the global covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary for all learners worldwide to opt for online education. However, one of the downsides of online learning is that students have to learn alone without any live interaction with their peers which makes them disinterested in their learning. Hence, sometimes they get sidetracked from their learning routine which affects their overall learning progress. 

Along with learning platforms, many Edtech industries are striving to come up with innovative platforms that fit well in the modern classroom culture. But do you wonder, is there a platform that lets you connect with your peers, interact and learn with them together in a live environment? 

Enter a Social Learning Network!

Yes, social learning networks have the power to let you learn socially with your classmates and peers together. All you need to do is invite or search your classmates and send them requests so that you both can connect on the platform. After doing this, you can easily opt for live courses together, share study materials, and communicate with each other on the platform.

Not only this but social learning platforms can do much more than just let you connect and collaborate with your friends and peers. Let us take a look at some of the benefits that these networks provide to the learners below. 

Benefits of Social Learning Networks in the Modern Classroom Culture

Increased Collaboration Scope among Learners, Educators & Peers

With the help of these networks, learners can easily connect and collaborate with their educators & peers. The scope of collaboration on these networks increases as both learners and educators get to fulfill their learning and teaching needs in a single place. In the case of teachers, unlike an online teaching platform, they can find tons of students and teach them. Learners, on the other hand, witnesses a win-win situation where they can easily learn with both their teachers and peers on the same network. 

High Rate of Engagement among Learners 

As we discussed above, many students lose their interest in learning and often get demotivated as they have to learn alone. With no interaction with peers as well as learning from the same courses makes the whole online learning approach quite monotonous and boring. Hence, to spice up the learning and make it more exciting and engaging, social learning networks have come up with various engagement options for their learners. Along with letting learners study and interact with their peers, they provide options such as game-based learning, participating in various inbuilt forums, educational groups, etc. 

So, apart from watching course videos or simply reading from online study materials, this network encourages learners to participate in their learning which makes the whole approach more engaging for them. 

Access to Customized & Variety of Educational Content 

When a student learns on these networks, they get access to tons of educational content that are customized as per their learning needs. There are study materials in the form of videos, audios, documents, presentations, etc which learners can acquire. Along with that, they can access personalized content that suits their learning ability, pace and budget. These study materials are specially created by expert educators, similar to a teaching platform where they create and publish customized content for their learners.

Increased Social Skills which can be used in the future workforce 

Social skills have become the need of an hour where almost every individual must inculcate these skills to excel in their workforce as well as within the society. Social skills are of utmost importance in the workforce as you need to collaborate with various teams and communicate effectively to make the most of your projects. Similarly, these skills help build a good society where individuals learn how to be considerate towards each other. Hence, social learning networks help learners to increase their social skills. As they can communicate and indulge with their peers and teachers socially on the network, they can soon develop these skills which can benefit them in the future. 

Social Learning Networks are Super Affordable 

When we talk about the expenses then learners should know that social learning network are much more affordable than the traditional learning approach. Learners can easily kick start their online learning journey and enjoy all the benefits that these networks provide, that too on a low budget. Unlike a traditional learning approach, learners need not pay extra money for tuition fees, extra-curricular activities fees, library fees, and so on. You can pay an affordable amount only once which includes the expenses of your course, study materials, test series, and mock tests. 

To conclude, social learning networks provide an edge to learners over their typical learning platforms. Today, when Edtech is growing at a faster rate, the modern classroom has started the use of technology in day-to-day learning which makes the learning and teaching process much feasible. These networks provide an all-in-one functionality to learners which is very important when staying in tune with the current online learning trend.

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