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What are the benefits of Online Teaching amidst the covid-19 pandemic?

Updated on 22 June 2021
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Updated on 22 June 2021

The covid-19 pandemic has enforced a nationwide lockdown which has led all the educational institutions to shut down overnight. In such difficult times, the need to continue with learning and teaching gave rise to online education. Students started to learn on an online learning platform and teachers started to teach them via teaching platforms. Online education proved to be an alternative and reliable option that helped educational institutions to function in a hassle-free manner. Well, in case of teachers, many of them were unaware of the online approach. With no prior technical knowledge, teachers faced a lot of challenges to teach their students online. 

However, as online education was the only option left, teachers started to adapt to the online teaching approach. Soon, they witnessed a lot of benefits that come in handy when teaching online. It is important to know that online teaching provides utmost comfort to teachers over traditional teaching. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits that online teaching provides to teachers amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

Benefits of Online Teaching during Covid-19 Pandemic

Teach Anytime & Anywhere

Teachers can simply tune into their online teaching platform and teach their students anytime. They need to possess an active internet connection along with a device such as a laptop, smartphone, or desktop for their teaching. As we all are well aware that amid the lockdown, it is unsafe to step out of the houses, teachers can make the most of their teaching from the comfort of their homes. Time and location are not major constraints when teaching online. Along with that, teachers also have the liberty to choose the total hours that they wish to dedicate to daily teaching on the platform. 

Find Your potential Learners

Without stepping out of their houses, teachers can simply find their potential students on a teaching platform that is available online. As students are learning online, teachers can find them and teach them feasibly on these platforms. They must realize the potential of teaching platforms as they have a huge amount of learner base belonging to various educational backgrounds who are constantly looking for teaching services. So, after establishing your online presence, teachers can find and connect with their potential students and teach them on these platforms. 

Create Updated Study Materials

Teachers need not worry about creating study materials for their students as they can simply create those on the teaching platform available online. Unlike traditional teaching, teachers need not follow the same old method of teaching. They can create their own study materials according to their teaching needs. Also, as there are various interactive tools present on the platforms, teachers can use those to their benefit. With the combination of their expertise and online tools, they can create the best study materials and distribute those to the learners over the platform itself. 

Increased Class Engagement

When teaching online, teachers can ensure full class participation as online learning becomes quite engaging and interesting after a certain point of time. However, teachers also need to make sure that students are guided in the right direction when learning online as they often become sidetracked with their learning. So, teachers can make use of some of the engaging options that are available on the teaching platforms like

  1. Conducting Live classes 
  2. Giving Regular Feedbacks 
  3. Doubt-solving sessions
  4. Encouraging students to involve in discussion groups or forums 
  5. Creating interactive & engaging study materials 

Note that teachers can also use a social learning network for engaging students in their studies. These networks provide multiple options to teachers such as game-based learning, collaborative learning, etc to engage students and make the most of their learning. 

Less Administrative Burden

When teachers teach in a traditional environment, they need to juggle between their teaching to managing students, assessing their exam papers, keeping track of their attendance and so on. However, with the help of a teaching platform, teachers can easily manage and organize all these activities in a single place. They can cut down the extra time which was earlier spent on all these administrative tasks and instead focus more on their teaching. 

Teaching Platforms provide

High Earning Potential- In the pandemic, where teachers lost their jobs, worked for extra hours, and faced other difficulties in their teaching, online teaching came as a rescue to overcome all their teaching challenges. The biggest advantage of online teaching is that teachers can decide the hours for their teaching and in turn earn a good amount of money. Without having to worry about their job security and income, they can easily teach on the teaching platforms and earn a decent income on a daily basis. 


the above-mentioned benefits clearly show the upsides of online teaching that help teachers overcome various challenges in this pandemic. Remember that an online teaching platform is an effective teaching aid that helps teachers to conduct a successful online class. This platform is a one-stop solution for all your teaching needs i.e. right from finding your potential learners to earning money, all your requirement are fulfilled on these platforms easily. 

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